What Are The Triggers of Teenage Pregnancy in Different Countries

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Jul 26, 2011

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  • Teenagers often get misguided by peer pressure and indulge in sex.
  • Adolescents are bound to explore their sexuality.
  • Customs like child marriage also lead to teenage pregnancy.
  • Lack of sex education is also responsible for rising cases of teen pregnancy.





Understanding the growing concerns of teenage pregnancy necessitates a look at its triggers. The influences of teenage pregnancy can be socio-economic or psychological. The teen or adolescent pregnancy is more prevalent in developed countries and most rampant in USA.

teen pregnancy triggersIn developing countries such as India, the socio-economic factors play a greater role in bringing it about and the issue is inherently linked to the problem of child marriage. So, the solutions to the problem of teen pregnancy will vary in different countries based on its causes.


Different Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

  • Psychological Factors - In developing countries, many factors have given rise to complex teenage psychology which has contributed to the rise of teen pregnancy. Teenagers in the transition phase of their lives often get misguided by peer pressure. This is particularly accentuated by weak family relationships which fail to provide the much needed emotional support. The teenagers seek emotional sustenance from people outside of their family and they find the opposite sex to be just right for such a support.
  • Impact of Mass Media - Adolescents are bound to explore sexuality with the physiological and emotional changes that they experience. The role of mass media is hardly positive as it is quite careless about treating this issue with concern for the young adults. Without proper sex education, teens become vulnerable to have unprotected sex, especially when there is television to exploit their sexuality.
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse – Abuse of alcohol and drugs followed by unrestrained interaction with the opposite sex is only going to end up in consummation and hence teen pregnancy. Such lifestyle is fast becoming acceptable in countries such as India.
  • Socio-economic factors – In developing countries such as India, one of the main causes of teenage pregnancy is age-old customs that support child marriage. Economic problems such as poverty which forces adolescents to have kids early as they can then become earning members of the family is also one of the factors that cause teenage pregnancy.
  • Lack of Sex Education – In developed countries, kids are exposed to sexually stimulating environment very early without adequate sex education. At times, they indulge in sex because of peer pressure brought about by some rubbish programmes that air on television. In India, the cause of teenage pregnancy is the sheer lack of urgency on the part of parents that they might have to provide sex education to their kids. Cases of abortions are also rising because of it.


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