Things your saliva reveal about your health

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Mar 11, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Spit or saliva can tell a lot about your health.
  • Acidic food can hamper the pH level.
  • The idea is to keep your mouth dehydrated.
  • One should keep his/her mouth clean.

On a daily basis, our body produces 50 ounces of saliva. However, you must not have given such thing a thought, regardless of its essential role in your health.
As per spokesperson Kimberly Harms of American Dental Association, saliva is natural mouth germicide. “It helps maintain the health of your gums, prevent tooth decay, and wash away food particles, and it provides disease-fighting substances to prevent cavities and other infections,” as she states.

Things your saliva reveals about your health

Why Saliva is important, you never understood the true vitality of your own spit. Today, we enlighten you! Keep a track of these signs.

Running low on your own spit

If you feel parched, you seem to getting a dry mouth more than often, might be the time to be careful, it could hamper your dental hygiene and can cause cavities. There are some medicines that can cause a dry mouth but still you should try to keep your mouth dehydrated, floss, and brush/rinse your mouth with toothpaste at least twice a day, and do go for regular checkups to your dentist.


Too much of acid

When the pH level of your mouth gets misbalanced, you lose the ability to realize the difference in taste.  If the acid is high in concentration, it can erode your teeth. If you consume foods profuse with arginine, such as poultry and red meat, the acidic concentration in your saliva can be balanced.


The quantity is way too much

In pregnancy, women tend to produce additional amount of saliva as per a research. It could be because of the hormonal changes a pregnant woman goes through. Chewing gum or a hard candy can help you to swallow the extra saliva.


If it is thick and slightly pale in color

If your spit is slightly pale, almost white in color and is thick in form, there might be a chance that you have an oral infection. Yeast infection in mouth is caused due to candida albicans fungus but it is not very common in healthy people. However, people with diabetes can experience yeast growth. You can consult the doctor and have an antifungal medication prescribed.


It may feel gluey

If you breathe with your mouth, you may suffer mouth dehydration. Inhaling and exhaling with your mouth is the best way to keep your mouth hydrated and save yourself from bacteria and cavities.

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