Is it really important to wash hands after going to bathroom

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Feb 08, 2016

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Do you wonder why it is so important to wash hands after going to the bathroom? Is it because you touched a part of your body while using bathroom?

is it really important to wash hands after going to bathroom
Well, it isn’t necessarily that you touched your body part while going to bathroom but there are many other things you touch in bathroom that are germs-laden  and it is not just you, using the bathroom but many other people are using it too and everyone carries germs that could spread.

s it really important to wash hands after going to bathroom

Excreta, above all, contain a lot of germs. For e.g. E. coli, having the potential to make you sick? The germs present in excreta are so tiny and almost invisible, they can be anywhere. From faucet to doorknobs and other places in bathroom that you touch and unknowingly pick germs.
This is why washing has become a norm after using a washroom. If you don’t wash your hands properly, you might swallow them while eating something. The germs getting inside your body can make you sick. There are possibilities that you contaminate other people as well. Germs on your hands can easily transmit to the person shaking hands with you and make him/her sick as well.
By washing your hands, you rinse away those bathroom germs, protecting yourself and others. In addition to washing your hands, you might want to take some extra precautions when you're in a public restroom. The fewer surfaces you touch, the better. You can use a paper towel to turn on the faucet and to open the door on your way out.
So, washing hands are rather an important thing after using bathroom, only if you wish not to fall sick. Either you wash your hands with hand , or you use hand-sanitizers, to keep yourself free of germs.

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