How to Lose Weight with Potatoes

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Sep 25, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Potatoes are filling, moderate in calories and a non-fattening food option.
  • Nutrients present in potatoes help a dieter’s efforts in losing weight.
  • Whole potatoes provide fibre, a nutrient that helps to lose weight.
  • Potato slows the digestion, which in turn helps one feel full for long.

If you have love for potato and are also trying to lose extra weight then here is a sure shot guide for you to lose weight with potatoes.


potatoes for weight lossHaving potatoes makes you gain weight’ is a common perception. Although, potatoes are filling, they are moderate in calories and a non-fattening food option. Owing to the many nutrients that potatoes are dense with, they can help multiply a dieter’s efforts in losing weight.


How Potatoes Help in Weight Loss

  • According to the USDA's Nutrient Data Laboratory, whole potatoes provide fibre, a nutrient that helps to lose weight by producing a feeling of fullness. Fibre-rich foods, such as potato, help to control appetite, thus, there is not much room left for fattening foods.
  • According to The Doctors Book of Food Remedies, an average-size baked potato with skin fulfils 48 per cent of vitamin C and 40 per cent of vitamin B6’s daily requirement. Other nutrients that it provides include copper, manganese and potassium. By fulfilling the nutritional needs of body without adding too many additional calories, potatoes can help reduce body weight.
  • Whether potatoes should be a part of weight-loss food plan or not is debatable. Most health experts do agree on keeping a calorie-count and making requisite food choices. Besides weight-loss foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, one may include potatoes in their dietary regimen, but they must ensure that the diet is not overloaded with food items.


Health Benefits of Potatoes

  • The nutrient-dense and half soluble potatoes help to keep cholesterol within the normal range.
  • Having potato slows the digestion, which in turn helps one feel full for long.
  • Phytochemicals, kukoamine and flavanoids present in potatoes help to control blood pressure.
  • Potatoes are heart-healthy foods, rendering nutrients, such as vitamin C, potassium, iron, copper and vitamin B6. Some health experts recommend eating at least one potato a day to those with trouble maintaining normal blood-pressure levels.

How to Store, Cook and Serve

  • Potatoes must be stored in a dry, cool, dark and ventilated place. These should never be refrigerated as starch converts to sugar. Remember not to store them with onions to prevent rotting.
  • Don't wash them until you're ready to cook. Sprout buds and bad spots should be taken off. Soft or green potato should never be cooked.
  • Potato retains most of the nutrients when baked. If you’re boiling them, keep them whole to ensure that there is little nutrient loss. Don’t cook potatoes in butter, margarine, sour cream or cheese to make them fattening.
  • Besides food preparations, you may also sprinkle grated boiled potato on non-fat yoghurt to make it nutrient dense recipe.


When you are trying to lose weight, make sure that you have dishes with little added fat. If potatoes are consumed in a healthy manner, they may contribute to your weight-loss efforts.


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  • Ronald26 Oct 2012

    Ten years ago I read about a researcher in Australia which said that some foods make you fuller than others, even if these foods contain few calories. Potatoes are for example seven times as filling as croissants.

  • munir10 Oct 2012

    my weight is 215 pounds pls let me know how many potatoes should i eat daily

  • munir10 Oct 2012

    my weight is 215 pounds pls let me know how many potatoes should i eat daily

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