Cut Time at the Salon by Cutting your Hair at Home

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Apr 28, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Grab a small section of hair and hold it straight in your hand, cut about half-an-inch at a time.
  • After every snip, check whether the cut is even.
  • Cut one side to the desired length, and then match on other side.
  • To cut layers, cut sections of hair to different lengths, making each cut on a sharp angle.

Trip to the salon is all right when it is to happen a week or two before an event or occasion, but getting a trim almost    can put a little pressure on your pocket, especially if you are not earning.

cut  your own hair hair care tips techniquesMatter of factly, it is quite easy for someone to cut his/her own hair with a few precautionary steps in mind. Learn these easy touch-up trim ways to cut your own hair without the hassle of visiting a salon.

How to Cut Long Hair

•    Start by gathering a pair of sharp scissors, which you can find in any beauty supply stores. Make sure you don’t just use the scissors that you use for cutting paper as they are extremely dull to cut your hair properly.

•    Before cutting your hair, wash it but make sure that you do not dry it. On people with long hair, wetting them will make the ends easier to see compared with when they are dry as they tend to curl up.

•    Now, clip up the top portion of your head. Because you have long hair, you will have to make different sections to cut them in a uniform pattern. Start by cutting the bottom-most layer of your hair and then moving upwards.

•    Now, try to look for split ends by taking a closer look at the ends of your hair. If the ends look unruly, they are perhaps damaged and would need a cut. Cut at least 6 mm above the damage.

•    When you are about to cut your hair, grab a section of the hair between the index and middle finger of the hand that is non-dominant and drag the fingers to the point from where you want to cut.

•    Finish by making sure that the ends match in length. If they do not, make sure that you trim the extras.


How to Cut Short Hair

Start by gathering all the materials you need.
•    Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to have extra short hair, the two things that would help you achieve salon-like results is an electric razor and a pair of scissors. Remember to have the guard that you would like for the razor to help you determine how much of your hair gets cut off. The scissors must be sharp.

•    Now wet your hair by either washing your hair or dampening them it using a spray bottle just before you begin with cutting your hair. When the hair is wet, it is easier to cut  and clean up post the hair cut.

•    If you are a man, a typical hair cut to go for is the traditional one in which hair on top is slighting longer than the hair on either sides as well as back. Start cutting an inch or two above the ear and follow the same line around the back of the head till the other ear. Make sure the razor is moving in a straight line. Finish by trimming the top of the hair by moving the razor over the curve of the head. Make sure all the spots that have hair left are cleaned.

•    Use a pair of scissors to blend the hair lengths if you think there has been any discrepancy.

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