Fitness tips for workers who spend most of their time at their desk

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Jun 01, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Keep your back straight and your feet on the ground.
  • Take a stretch break every hour.
  • Look away from the screen periodically.
  • Walk for 5-10 minutes during lunch break.

All day you are sitting, slouching, straining and slumping at your desk. Working at desk for extended hours can leave your muscles stiff, sore and fatigued by the end of the day. However, these health challenges can be avoided by learning a few things.


office exercise


Maintain proper posture

Right posture is one of the most important health aspects you need to pay heed to. Keep your back straight and your feet on the ground. Consider an ergonomically fit chair that will keep your spine straight.


Look away often

Constant monitor-viewing can take a toll on your eyes. Our eyes need a break from time to time; look away from the screen periodically. Besides, adjust the contrast and brightness to medium as high display light can contribute to dry eye syndrome.


Monitor placement

Health experts advise that the top of your computer’s display screen be at level with your eyes. If it’s any lower or higher, you have to move your head to adapt to it. This increases the chances of neck and back aches.


Keep your wrists straight

There is a risk of serious joint and ligament injuries if your hand and wrists aren’t placed comfortably and ergonomically. Keep your wrists straight and make sure you have a cushioned wrist mouse pad that keeps your hand comfortable. Your hands must bend at 90-degree angle when working on a keyboard.


Don’t cross your legs

Keeping the legs crossed for long decreases blood circulation and can lead to nerve, tissue damage. Adjust your seat to keep your feet flat on the ground. Your thighs should always make 90-degree with your shins.


A stretch break every hour

Cross your arms for eagle arms, interweave your fingers and reach above your head. Your shoulders and spine will be relieved.

exercise at your desk

Stand up often

Everyone with a desk job should often stand up and move/stretch. Even 30 minutes of exercise every day will not serve any good if you are sitting all day. In other words, sitting all day is bad. Make a habit to stand up and move every two hours.

Take a walk at lunch

Don’t waste your lunch break sitting and gossiping. A short walk can do wonders to make your life healthier. Make a habit to walk for 5-10 minutes during lunch break.



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