FDA approves Constipation Drug

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Sep 01, 2012

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The US FDA approves Constipation Drug

Constipation troubling you for long? Here is a good news: the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a constipation drug. Manufactured by Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, this drug can cure chronic constipation and bowel syndrome accompanied by constipation in adults.

Not recommended for patients aged 16 and below, this drug named linaclotide will be available under the brand name Linzess. The FDI said that this once-a-day pill will result in frequent bowel movements easing constipation and will also relieve abdominal pain caused by troublesome bowel syndrome. [Read: Remedies for Constipation]

The manufacturing company, Ironwood and its marketing partner, Forest Laboratories, have indicated the entry of the constipation pill in the market by the fourth quarter of this year.

This constipation drug will be most beneficial for those diagnosed with chronic idiopathic constipation, a condition in which standard treatment for persistent constipation fails. During the clinical studies, diarrhoea was the most common side-effect of this constipation pill.



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