Fastest Fat Burners

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Nov 09, 2011

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Fastest fat burners

Most people spend their precious time sweating in gym without getting the desired results. This happens because they do not know the right technique to burn fat. If you wish to burn the unwanted fat of your body and get that perfect lean body, here are some quick ways:



It is a fact that people who  run or jog burn more fat than those who don’t. They lose fat while they are running and also while they are not running. Therefore, it is advisable that you should schedule at least four hours of running in a week’s time.


Spending less time with Television and Video-Games


Television and video-games always come in the way of losing weight and burning fat. In case you spend a lot of time glued to television, you will not get the desired results. Therefore, reduce your TV time and video-games time to half and instead, go outdoors to spend your leisure time.


High Protein Diet


Protein helps in burning post-meal fat. Therefore try to have more portions of protein in your breakfast and lunch. Some good sources of protein are eggs, skimmed milk and milk products, and green leafy vegetables.


Count your Calories


If you wish to burn the extra fat from your body, you should always keep a tab on your calorie intake. Make sure to not have more food than what your body can digest. Ideally, it should be around 1200 calories in a day. It is also very important not to starve yourself, as starvation leads to stress which in turn results in more fat. Moreover, for burning your calories, decreasing it is advisable to do it gradually rather than taking a big leap, as a sudden decrease in calorie intake also slows down the metabolism. Therefore keep in mind not to lower your calorie intake by more than 250 at a time.


Fresh Fruits over Fruit Juice

It is better to have whole fruits rather than having fruit juice as fruits are excellent source of fibre. It makes the process of metabolism better and faster, which results in quick burning of fat. Therefore from now on, if you wish to have apple or orange juice, think wise and have the entire fruit instead.


Healthy Snack after your Workout Session

Studies have shown that people who have light and healthy snacks after workout burn more fat than people who have nothing. Therefore, always have a glass of skimmed milk or some other snack after sweating out in gym.


Meals at regular Time Intervals

Starving yourself for a long period of time adds to the body fat rather than burning it. Hence plan your diet in such a way that you have more number of smaller meals rather than fewer large meals. It is important to have light meals after an interval of every four hour to help burn fat.


Proper Rest


Apart from diet and workouts, having adequate rest also plays an important role in burning fat. People who are sleep deprived grow weaker. Hence, make sure to have about 6-8 hours of sound sleep daily. 

By keeping these points in mind you can burn the unnecessary fat more efficiently and quickly. So start inculcating these habits in order to stay healthy and fit.


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  • Targa12 May 2012

    I have gained weight especially around tummy...I don't eat non-veg.. give me a diet plan .... to reduce it as soon as possible.... pls reply soon

  • B. E. Dalvi28 Nov 2011

    Your tips is great. Can you give some special tips to burn the fat at the earliest to loose the weight because i m a computer operator i have no time to eat, jog and etc.

  • Atul Shekhar24 Nov 2011

    your tips is great but i want some special tips for burned fat because i m a computer operator i have no time to eat, jog and etc.

  • ANJALI21 Nov 2011


  • Agniwesh20 Nov 2011

    I Want perfect solution for my Fat... My height is 5.11' and age is 23. And my weight is 95.

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