Broga: Yoga for bodybuilding

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Sep 08, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Broga is an athletic version of traditional yoga.
  • It is designed to improve flexibility and physical strength.
  • It makes people use correct positions in isometric/static holds.

Yoga, you may have heard, does not build muscles. But, that is not true because there is a new type of yoga that gives every man iron muscles.

What is Broga? 

Broga is an athletic version of traditional yoga. It is designed with an objective to improve flexibility and physical strength that guys lack. The practice is all about making people use correct positions in isometric/static holds to effectively build strength.

The founder of Broga, Matt Miller, former American football star, thinks that the practice is engineered for all male athletes and is also a killer workout for women. 

Broga workout

Broga workout is a mix of core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing and clarity-enhancing yoga postures. These are integrated in a way to increase flexibility and make muscle groups work to reduce the risk of injury and build better athletes dramatically.

There are six different broga workouts ranging from chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders, and core. There is also a full-body broga which is known as Broga Sizzle. 

Broga poses

Chest – Broga press-up, side plank, dirty dog and one-arm-to-full camel.
Shoulders – Dolphin pose, headstand and downward dog pose.
Back – One-leg updog/split, side triangle, pelvic press and seated twist.
Legs – Warrior lunge, sumo squat, pigeon stretch and wide angle stretch.

Benefits of broga

  • Yoga is perceived to be 'too feminine and spiritual', but this form of yoga debunks it. The ‘manlier’ form can be practised alongside any regular fitness regime.
  • Broga helps incorporate stretching into fitness regimes.
  • It is effective in building upper-body strength and stability alongside flexibility.
  • The practice improves blood flow to your muscles, which aid weight loss.
  • You feel a calming effect just like yoga. 

Like yoga, the basis of broga remains mobility and it helps one to develop just that.

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