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  • Carmen16 Jul 2015

    The best three exercises for abdominals!

  • Amita08 Oct 2013

    The core is I guess the most difficult part of the body as far as strengthening it is concerned. But, this gives a closer look at how to go about it. I will try these soon.

  • Steven James08 Oct 2013

    These exercises can help you with getting abs, but you need strength first. You need to focus on building strength first for your routine. Focus on heavy squat, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, weighted chin ups, etc. You need to focus on progressive overload so constantly increase the weights after each workout. Lift 3 days a week while focusing on the compound exercises described above. Muscle gaining secrets helped me a lot with strength.

  • Sriram07 Oct 2013

    Strengthening your core must be a part of fitness regime. The muscles from your hips to your shoulders must be strong to give support to the limbs. Work your way to strengthen your core and feel younger, fitter and healthier.

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