Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Infection

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Jun 28, 2011

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MedicineThe liver is the largest gland of your body and performs more functions than any other internal organ. All of human blood passes through the liver many times throughout the day. Liver processes the blood throughout the day and has a pint of it all the time. Unfortunately, there are many liver diseases which people suffer from due to alcohol abuse and other causes. Cirrhosis and Hepatitis infection are the two most common diseases of liver. Ayurvedic treatment for liver problems is now considered viable after a lot of success in clinical control trials and studies.

Some herbs that have been found to have curative properties for liver diseases are Eclipta Alba (Bhringaraj), Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava), Picrorhiza kurroa (Katuki), Phyllanthus Amaris (Bhuiamala) and others.


Liver Diseases and their Ayurvedic Remedies

  • Andrographis paniculata (kalmegh) for Increased Toxicity Clinical studies were conducted to know the beneficial effect of Andrographis paniculata on toxicity induced by fever suppressing medicine paracetamol. It was found that this herb is a better option for removing toxicity from liver cells than silymarin, the standard hepatoprotective (liver protector) agent.
  • Phyllanthus Amaris (Bhuiamala) for Hepatitis B – It is very effective in removing the “carrier” status Hepatitis B patients. The good effects start to show within a month of using this herb.
  • Eclipta alba (Bhringaraj) – It regulates the levels of hepatic microsomal drug metabolising enzymes to make good the loss of hepatic lysomal acid phosphatise. Meaning it has a good effect on restoring normalcy after increase of toxicity in liver. Increase in toxicity has the potential of causing liver failure.
  • Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava) – This is another herb whose anti-toxic quality has been tested and found true.
  • Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) for Jaundice – Tinospora cordifolia is very useful for treating jaundice. It does not cause blood poisoning as after treatment with conventional drugs. The chances of surviving after surgery for malignant obstructive jaundice is more than double if the patients are given Tinospora cordifolia instead of drugs.
  • Picrorhiza kuroa (Katuki) for viral infections – It is one of the herbs which is recommended for protection from viral liver infections but also in everyday use. Vaidya Foundation conducted a study in 1996 and reported its protective properties against viral hepatitis. Other studies show protective properties against ill-effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Phyllanthus Amarus, Phyllanthus Niruri and Eclipta Alba have have been found to reverse Hepatitis B infections in up to 70% of patients treated. These herbs not only reverse HBV, they are able to stop the process which leads to cirrhosis or cancer of liver.


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  • anil vashisth12 Feb 2013

    I tested LFT on 11.02.2013. result is here - SGPT 89, SGOT0 63 and bilirbin T - 2.20

  • anil vashisth12 Feb 2013

    i tested LFT - result is here - SGFT- 89, SGOT0 63 and bilirbin T - 2.20

  • muhammed shuhaib03 Sep 2012

    Sir,my grand father suffering from liver infection.and the english medical field says there is no treatment for this diseas.he has 66yr old..any treatment for this diseas in ayurveda...?

  • muhammed shuhaib03 Sep 2012

    Sir my grand father suffering from liver infection the medical field says that ..no trearment for this diseas..sir..,is der is any treatment in ayutveda...?grandpa has 66 years old...

  • Apu Deb07 Aug 2012

    Sir, I suffer from long time by COSTIPITION, indiegest problem, I m take some medicine not fainely cure, so i want to take ur Joributi tretment its my fev tretment from 18-20 yers

  • pushpendra06 Aug 2012

    i have few pain in abdomen upper side and lightly made in acid and guess so please suggestion the medicine

  • joel20 May 2012

    I'm diagnosed with fatty liver changes.Kindly suggest diet &medicine .

  • suresh26 Feb 2012

    my liver little bit infected shown in the blood report through sgpt test and having low grade fiver what is the appropriate Ayurveda medicinal write down.....,

  • lalit bisht26 Feb 2012

    elo my brother is suffering from liver diseases as like gas liver infection what is the exact use medicin name plz,,,

  • aman oliver14 Dec 2011

    iam suffering from lfatty liver and partially damage please help me and advice me some medication

  • Pramod dubey01 Jul 2011

    my father is suffering from consetution problem for long time age 65yr he is taken lots of medicine but problem as is as usal so pl advice me about medicine.

  • santosh 16 Jun 2011

    helo my brother is suffering from liver diseases as like gas liver infection what is the exact use medicin name plz,,,

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