An Office Chair that Corrects Posture

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Dec 27, 2012

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An Office Chair that Corrects PostureNow we have a smart office chair that not only helps you better your posture but also makes you happier. Designed by Dr Patrik Kunzler and Ben Fluri, LimbIC’s design is far from the chairs used currently across the globe. Unlike conventional chair designs, it doesn’t have back or arm rests.

LimbIC is designed and developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The seat of this chair is made from two carbon shells (used in Formula One car production) that moves as the user moves. The design focuses on movements of the body and helps with posture as well as relaxation.

It is named after human limbic system, the part of the brain that stimulates emotion and relieves one from back pain. LimbIC is believed to be the first product that combines chair design with neuroscience. Sitting on the chair, user feels a sense of weightlessness.

Thinking about how much it costs may make you unhappy though, as it is priced at £5,400 ($8450).


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