5 reasons jump rope is the best conditioning tool

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Jul 20, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • You can try different exercises with a jump rope.
  • It suits power development and speed needs.
  • The risk of injuries is low.

When you are working out, every single part is of prime importance. When you work out right, the athletic skill will increase along with physical fitness while the likelihood of sports injuries will be minimum.

Conditioning exercises can be weight training, aerobic exercise, plyometrics and calisthenics. One of the most beneficial conditioning exercises that people tend to ignore is jump rope. The conditioning tool builds athleticism, shreds fat and preserves muscles.

Some reasons why you should consider jump rope for conditioning include the following: 

You can Be Creative with the Exercises

It is a low-impact exercise that puts minimum stress on the joints. So, you can work out the way you want to. It can be used in density training circuits as well as in high intensity interval training (HIIT workout). It is light and therefore, won’t overly tire the nervous system or hinder training results. 

It is a Low-risk Tool

Exercises with bad form can take a toll on your body in several ways. The chances of wrong moves are less with jump rope; you don’t have to worry about right/wrong form. Even if you overtrain, the probability of an injury doesn’t go up and health markers wouldn’t be compromised. 

It is an Ideal Warm-up

Warming-up is a critical part of workout. Jump rope can be used for warming-up; it raises core temperature and increases blood flow. Moreover, it conditions tissues of the lower body for heavy training and other high-intensity activities. 

It Builds Foundation for Muscle Movements

If you are an athlete, you can use jump rope to develop speed, agility and coordination foundation for sports. The tool is excellent when it comes to developing proper pattering and acute movement preparation. 

It Suits Power Development and Speed Needs

If you are aiming for big muscle gains, you can combine jump rope with weight training. It is an exceptional channel to developing explosive and reactive power. Likewise, jumping rope leads to increased athleticism. It not only makes you big and strong but also fast on your feet.

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