Yoga Ways to Deal With Menopause

Yoga Ways to Deal With Menopause - Yoga is most effective and healthy way to deal with menopause. The body stops producing female hormones, and menstruation ceases.

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Yoga Ways to Deal With Menopause

yoga for menopauseMenopause is a natural phenomenon. The body stops producing female hormones, and menstruation ceases. In addition to reproductive and other functions, female hormones are necessary for regulation of bone metabolism. That is why some women may end up with osteoporosis. A Some women may experience menopausal syndrome, characterised by hot flashes, retention of water, and mood swings. Some may have insomnia. The following yogic recommendations will help you move through this natural stage of your life gracefully and comfortably.


Helpful yogic poses


Embryo pose: Lie with your heels together, arms stretched out behind you. Bend your knees as you raise your legs, and inhale slowly. Then, as you exhale, tuck your knees in to your chest, holding them with interlocked fingers, and bring your chin to your knees. Next, extend your left leg at 45° and rotate it in the air, five times clockwise and five times counterclockwise, breathing normally. Repeat, with your right. Finally, bring both legs to your chest and rock back and forth a few times.


Locust pose: Lie face down, with your legs together. Clench your fists, thumbs inside, and place them under your groin. Inhale and hold the breath, raising your right leg up straight, as far as is comfortable. Use only the leg and back muscles, keeping your upper body relaxed. Hold for three to ten breaths, then, slowly lower your leg as you exhale. Repeat for your left. Then, if you can, raise both legs together, following the same instructions as above.


Bow pose: Lie face down with your feet together. Then, bend your knees and bring your feet towards your head. Reach down with your hands and grasp your ankles. Then, as you inhale, pull on your feet to raise your thighs, chest, and head off the floor. Raise your upper and lower body as much as you comfortably can and rest on your abdomen.


Crocodile Asana: This is a relaxation posture, complementary to the corpse. Like a crocodile in the sun, lie face downward with your legs 30-60cm  apart and your feet facing outward. Cradle your head in your arms or raise it on to your hands and elbows. With your eyes closed and your face relaxed, breathe from your abdomen, feeling it swell up and press down on the floor as you inhale and collapse as you exhale.


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