Want to Get Ease from Gastric Troubles? Try These 5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Discomfort

Problems can range from bloating, constipation, indigestion, gastric issues or heartburns, but the need is to look for appropriate measures for relief

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Dec 15, 2020 15:21 IST
Want to Get Ease from Gastric Troubles? Try These 5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Discomfort

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Hectic schedules and irregular routines are impacting health, aren’t they? With an advancement in Science and Technology, the pace of work has multiplied. Businesses are on the run to grow faster and excel in the products they launch. Employees are expected to meet specific targets and perform better to gain satisfaction from employers and make a mark. It seems as if the world is running leaving everything aside like horses in a race. In an attempt to reach our goals on time, finding an adequate balance between work and life gets cumbersome. Our minds are constantly functioning and looking for innovative solutions to grow. With stress and strain becoming an intrinsic part of our lives, most of us grapple with maintaining a healthy balance and hitting gyms or donning our running shoes to keep ourselves fit and agile.

With stress dilemma, arise diseases. Characterised by an abnormal state of body, the condition interrupts the structure and function of parts of body including internal functioning and immune system. A state of disease is associated with distress, dysfunctions, disabilities or changes in behaviour followed by societal changes and physiological modifications. To cure the abnormal state of body we are forced to indulge in expensive tests, high doses of medication and exorbitant therapies. To avoid the circle of extravagant therapies and tests, we must owe the precursors to our own healing. Using ancient practices of yoga and meditation along with changes in diet and lifestyle, yoga can become our best aid to combat the effect of diseases and become aware of surroundings along with changes in our body. Along with a mental booster, yoga reduces pain and discomfort in any part of body and allows for better functioning of organs.


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It is rightly said that our gut is our second controller. Mental distress has a significant impact on our cells and functioning of our digestive hormones and can exaggerate symptoms. Moreover, a vicious never-ending cycle of digestive dysfunctions can make our lives rather painful and miserable. Yoga and meditation can help us establish peace with our body annihilate symptoms over time. Following basic practices can help generate useful space in intestines for waste matter to pass.

Prolonging Gastric Conditions

People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes need to be extra careful with their eating habits which can generate into complicated syndromes with a history of gastric problems. Studies indicate gastric issues to be prevalent in diabetics with longer conditions and are the result of neuropathy connecting nerves to stomach.

The state is more crucial in the vague nerve controlling stomach functions. The state of extended hyperglycemia can lead to potential damage to nerves. People suffering from the disease from long have higher glucose levels that can cause nerve damage.


Symptoms of heart burn are witnessed due to stomach problems when acids from stomach come into contact with oesophagus or food pipe. Diabetics are likely to suffer from heartburn as a result of nerve damages that control lower oesophageal sphincter or the valve present at the entrance of the stomach region. Usually after a meal, when a person lies down, the lower oesophageal sphincter is unable to tighten sufficiently which can lead to some acidic contact flowing back into the food pipe thereby resulting in burning and irritation.

Yoga Poses to Control Stomach Problems

Stomach pain can be unique and hard to diagnose. With doctors suggesting to depend on fluids and fibre content to easy sown symptoms, the process of taking healing into our own hands can fetch better results. Problems can range from bloating, constipation, indigestion, gastric issues or heartburns, but, tacking them in an effective way using patterns and body movements can help better digestive performance and reduction in stress related to disorders.

Easy Pose – Sukhasana

To come into Sukhasana, we need to find a comfortable place to sit and relax our body. An option lies to sit atop a block. You need to elongate the spine through to the crown at the top. Easy pose is considered to be a great starting position as it does not require a lot of effort and is grounded. To provide relief in stomach problems, you can place your hands on to your belly to connect better with the problem area. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breath.

As we breathe in, we need to feel our lower abdomen expanding and upon breathing out, we need to push our belly button back and in towards the spine. The posture helps provide a compression against organs.


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Resolved Easy Pose – Parivritta Sukhasana

To perform this pose, you need to scoop in your arms up towards the sky, taking a breath in along with pulling your gaze up. We need to drop our shoulders down away from the ears and focus on lengthening through the side bodies and the rib cage area. We need to breathe in and upon exhaling, drop our right hand towards the back of the mat and our left hand upon our right knee twisting and opening our chest towards the right. Take a complete breath in to lengthen the spine and on a full exhale deepen the twist. We need to make sure to continue to root down through both our sitting bones. Upon inhaling, we need to bring both our hands up towards the sky, lengthening through our side bodies and further take a twist to the other side by putting our right hand down to our left knee and our left hand towards the mat’s back.

The gentle twists would help massage the organs around stomach and allow for extra movement inside our belly.

Seated Forward Bend Pose – Paschimottanasana

To perform this asana, we need to come back to sitting, with our legs extending forward removing extra layer of flesh from our sitting bones and then sit up tall to lengthen up through our spine. We need to flex our toes towards our face and sweep our arms up through overhead. We need to take a breath in to lengthen and as we exhale pull at the hips to bring the torso down. By bringing the hands down to the mat, rotate your thumbs in and your fingertips out.

The posture helps compress the belly and initiate the movement of stagnant energies inside the digestive tract. It also allows for a deep back stretch of the entire body from the heels to the crown of the head.


Wind Relieving Pose – Savana Muktasana

To perform this asana, you need to slowly lower down on your back and draw your knees pulling them towards your chest. You need to carefully wrap your arms around your knees interlaced at opposite elbows. Further, drop your shoulders neck and head down to the mat and connect your sacrum portion and lower spine to the ground.

The wind relieving pose compresses the organs and uplift healthy movements inside your belly. Taking deep breaths to fill up the stomach can help in the creation of extra space in the stomach region and squeezing the knees down can easily pump out obstructed or residual waste matter.

Supine Spinal Twist – Supta Matsyendrasana

For this asana, we need to keep our knees drawn towards our chest and our arms forming goal post shapes. Then drop your knees to the right side of the mat and bring both your shoulders connecting downwards. You can also slide in a block underneath your knees to allow for the pose in a smooth way. With every breath in, we need to make sure to lengthen our spine and with each exhale, keep twisting little deeper. Further, upon inhaling pull the legs back through centre and then drop your knees to the opposite side.


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The gentle twist can allow for subsequent movements inside the belly and slowly, one can observe stomach problems moving down and out of the body. The posture allows for twisting at the core which supports movement inside the colon and your intestines and ease your stomach problems. The posture also aids to lengthen and realign the spinal cord.

Thus, incorporating the above poses into your daily workout regime will not only ease the obstruction of waste matter in the body but will help in bowel movement along with building a healthy, resilient stomach.  

(Written by Shivani Priyam, Sub Editor, Onlymyhealth)

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