World Heart Day 2021: What Is The Most Common Type Of Heart Disease? Know Symptoms Risk Factors

Coronary heart disease is one of the most common types of heart disease. Know about symptoms and risk factors to prevent it.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Sep 20, 2021
World Heart Day 2021: What Is The Most Common Type Of Heart Disease? Know Symptoms Risk Factors

Heart diseases can be very dangerous as it affects functioning of the whole body. Various heart diseases affect a person in different ways. One of the most common types of heart disease is coronary artery disease that develops in blood vessels. This is serious health disorder which can even damage to vessels supplying blood to the heart. Coronary heart disease may result to plague accumulation in the vessels that increases the chances of complications. This heart disease is one of the most occurring diseases that occur to people. It can be due to various reasons, but immediate treatment for it is important to prevent heart attack or something worse.

Effect of Coronary Artery Disease

According to Dr. Zaheer Qureshi, Consultant in Department of Cardiology in BNK Hospital, Bangalore, says that this type of heart disease is because of blockage in the vessels that carry blood to the heart. The blockage occurs slowly and results in the accumulation of plaque on the wall of blood vessels. The accumulation increases over time and results in blockage of the blood vessels. Coronary heart disease occurs majorly because of cholesterol deposits in the blood that work in the form of plaque. There could be many reasons for this blockage but the most important factor is diet. If a person takes too much cholesterol in their diet and is addicted to eat oily fried food, then he is more likely to have this heart disease.


The earlier it is diagnosed; the better becomes chances of preventing other heart problems and associated disorders. Since this disease grows over many years, symptoms of it are not visible in first few years until things turn complicated. The best way to prevent it is through conducting yourself in a healthy lifestyle. 

Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease

Here are some conditions that can probably lead you to heart attack-

  • Having old age above 60
  • Being a woman increases the chances of coronary heart disease
  • Taking unhealthy diet that has more saturated fats
  • Family history of heart diseases
  • People who constantly have high blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes
  • Being obese or overweight
  • Taking too much stress or involved in stressful activities

Symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease

When the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart become narrow, then the symptoms start becoming more evident. This happens because arteries are no longer able to provide healthy and rich blood to the heart that causes different types of problems. It can be more problematic when you are doing more intense exercises or workouts. Here are some signs and symptoms that become evident in this type of heart disease.


Chest pain

Feeling pressure in your chest is one of the biggest sign of coronary heart disease. If you have this type of pain in the chest, it means that something usual and wrong in happening near your heart. Chest pain that happens during this time is called angina. Agnia is triggered because of some kind of physical or emotional stress. If you ever notice slight tightness in your chest before crying, that is kind of pain that happens in this time. In coronary heart disease, pain comes in a repetitive manner and does not last long in initial stages. Pain may also be felt in neck or back.

Shortness of Breath

This is another major symptom that determines that there is something seriously wrong and you might be having coronary heart disease. When the blood vessels are unable to provide proper blood to the heart, then it results to faster beating and it becomes a situation of extreme fatigue. If you feel shortness of breath, then you should immediately consult your doctor.

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Heart Attack

If your blood vessels are about to get blocked or are almost blocked then you are at a high risk of getting heart attack. This happens as there is lack of proper blood circulation in the heart which causes heart function to fail and cause heart attack. Before the final attack you may feel a strong crushing pain in your arms, chest and shoulder with extreme sweating. You may feel the earlier two symptoms simultaneously as well. 


Women get heart attack more often than men in coronary heart disease. Other signs of heart disease are less in women and thus it causes more severe situation for women.

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What Causes Coronary Heart Disease?

There are multiple reasons that could lead you to coronary heart disease. It begins with damage in the inner layer of artery. This damage can be caused by the following reasons-

  • High blood pressure
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • Too much cholesterol in the diet
  • Diabetic or insulin resistance
  • Smoking
  • Obesity 

If the inner wall of the artery gets damaged, then it causes fatty deposits in the portion where the nerves get damaged. Because of this condition, platelets get clump together at a point and start repairing the artery which leads to heart attack.

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