Working while Standing is Beneficial for Health

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Jun 06, 2013

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Employees standing and working at workplaceA study by David Dunstan, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Professor, suggests how working while standing aids health. The study measured the energy expenditure of 20 desk-based workers over two weeks while standing and sitting in a work environment.

According to Prof. Dunstan, during an average five-day working week, the extra energy used standing for four hours a day equated to a 45-minute brisk walk. This is a small increment but it's significant if you consider the difference over a working week. If people change their workplace environment and they were also meeting their regular exercise goals, it would have a positive effect on their health, said professor.

Much of the extra energy use came from the contraction of muscles used to keep the body upright. For those who have desk-jobs and don't have height-adjustable workstations, it is advisable to take regular breaks, stand up and move every 20-30 minutes.



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