Essentials for a Workout at Work Place

Being a desk potato doesn’t help; you may use your time at work to be fit. Here are some exercises and essentials for working out at work to kick away your paperwork pains. Once you start, you'll find that it helps to clear your mind and bur

Ariba Khaliq
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Aug 08, 2017
Essentials for a Workout at Work Place

Most days end up being so busy that it becomes tough to fit in time for a workout. You could consider one solution- to exercise in your office during lunchtime. It’s a great way to break up your work day along with burning some calories.

Many large companies offer at-work gyms for their employees to use and they have a small workout room with showers and yoga classes. It's a great benefit and employees should take advantage of it as much as possible. Even if you don't have a gym or shower at work, read on for some tips to sneak in some workouts during your workday.

Take a walk outdoors during lunch

All you need is to wear comfortable clothes and you can bring layers that you can add or remove depending on the weather. Don’t forget to bring or wear supportive shoes or sneakers. You may also use the pedometer from the app on your smartphone to track your steps. Another option is to track your calories and heart rate using a heart rate monitor on the phone.


The following simple stretching exercises at your desk will help you release tension from head to toe. They take only a few minutes. Set the alarm on your cell phone or computer to go off every hour to remind you it's time to get up and stretch.

  • Do some quick stretching, strength-building and fat-burning exercises that don't need any equipment, except a chair; they won't make you too sweaty
  • Gently pull each elbow to the opposite side, overhead. Just pretend that you’re under a Tahitian waterfall and need to scrub your shoulder blades
  • Remaining seated, extend your legs and reach your toes. Stare at the purplish-gray office carpet or search for lost bits of popcorn for 20 seconds
  • Hug one knee at a time, pulling it towards your chest. Tell passers-by that you need a mini childhood flashback
  • Clasp your hands in front of you and lower your head in line with your arms. Pretend that you actually know how to dive correctly, and use this “proper technique” to impress your cubicle companions

Tips and essentials for working out at work

1. Keep sets of clean gym clothes and sneakers and socks in your car and near your desk, so if an opening appears in your day, you can take advantage of it.

2. If you don't have access to a shower at your office - or you don't have time for a post-workout shower full body wet wipes made with natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils are your best bet; they are incredibly cleansing and refreshing.

3. Keep a toothbrush in your desk or gym bag to freshen up your mouth before or after exercise. If you don't have time to brush your teeth, keep some mouthwash handy to swish your mouth clean pre- and post-exercise.

4. If you work out during lunchtime, when do you have time to eat your lunch? You may have to pick something that you can eat (or drink) quickly during your next meeting. Optimally, it includes a decent amount of protein and nutrition and doesn’t contain any bad ingredients or additives. It could be a salad, protein shake, brown-bread sandwich with lots of veggies and seafood, sprout salad etc.

When staying active and fit at work is so easy, why not try start working out or just get moving at work this week? The sooner, the better.

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