Work out like a Navy Seal to look like a million bucks

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Oct 25, 2010

Tunali Mukherjee attends a gruelling 45-minute TRX suspension training session where she has her feet secured in stirrups and her fitness put to the ultimate test


If you come across a person wincing, limping, tottering and trying hard to stand straight in and around Gamdevi or Worli, know that they are well on their way to becoming super fit. Better still, ask any member of Elite Fitness about TRX Suspension training and they will flash you an all-knowing smile.


At first glance, the TRX suspension equipment looks nothing more than a pair of extendable bands hanging from the ceiling.


However, under the supervision of personal trainer Sunil Kudva and his fitness instructors, the equipment transforms into a deadly flab-fighting and fitness machine. The equipment is flexible and can easily be adjusted to suit various intensities.


I found myself gripping the bands, using them as an overhead press, push-ups, squats and even basic support.


The intensive workout developed by US Navy Seals, starts with warm-up exercises including lunges, squats and arm extensions. While it might sound very simple, the suspension bands have their own way of converting these routine exercises into a challenging workout. In fact, I was panting heavily immediately after the warm-up.


Moving on to the main routine, Sunil demonstrated some exercises, each keeping the body balance slightly off kilter. "Suspension training is all about the core," explained Sunil, quoting how our core tends to squeeze to retain balance when we fall. "By staying a bit off balance, we work on our core far better than any other form of exercise," he said. Finally, the key to attaining the elusive "perfect" body!


The next 40 minutes were spent panting, gasping and burning fat, while suspended from the ceiling. I breathed a sigh of relief when Sunil told me that we'd be doing crunches, but my sense of relief was short-lived when he declared, "Normal crunches don't help, but this will."


With my feet secured in stirrups, I was soon struggling through the set of 10, normal crunches. As I completed the workout with a plank (my feet still secured in stirrups), I realised why suspension training is such a huge hit with sportspersons. Here is a workout gear that will not only fit into your suitcase, but will literally bend backwards to help you train in a manner best suited to your needs.


When I was done, Sunil informed me that I had burnt approximately 500 calories in just under half an hour. "Suspension training is here to stay," he said. I just might have to agree.


TRX suspension training is taught at Elite Fitness, Gamdevi and Worli.
Personal training is available for Rs 5,000 onwards per month. Call Sunil Kudva on 9820158135.


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