This Type Of Vinegar Helps In Controlling Diabetes, Boost Kidney Health And More

Jamun cider vinegar is a lesser-known variant of vinegar with overwhelming health benefits.

Gandharv Gulati
Healthy DietWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Aug 21, 2020Updated at: Aug 21, 2020
This Type Of Vinegar Helps In Controlling Diabetes, Boost Kidney Health And More

Black plum or jamun is a popular summer fruit. Its distinct flavour is sure to tickle your tongue while colouring it all purple. This fruit offers a plethora of health benefits. One of the most acknowledged health benefits of eating jamun is that it controls blood sugar levels and is apt for diabetics. Jamun cider vinegar is derived from the juice or pulp of the fruit and acts as a great replacement for regular vinegar. It is as healthy as apple cider vinegar. As per Ayurveda, jamun cider vinegar is effective in balancing the three doshas namely vata, pitta and kapha to promote holistic well-being.


Benefits of Jamun cider vinegar

Controls diabetes

We are all aware of the antidiabetic properties of jamun that are present in jamun cider vinegar also. It converts sugar and starch into energy without spiking blood sugar levels. Diabetics should take jamun cider vinegar at night so that you wake up with normal blood sugar levels in the morning. This would also control associated symptoms like thirst, frequent urination, weakness and nausea.

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Help treat urinary tract infection

UTI is a bacterial infection that badly affects the kidney, bladder, ureter, urethra and urinary tract. To fight UTI, have jamun cider vinegar daily until you get relief. It has certain vitamins and minerals to kill the bacteria and re-establish the functions. It also eases the symptoms of UTI such as abdominal pain, painful urination, muscle ache, nausea, vomiting, etc.


Boost kidney health

Consumption of jamun cider vinegar is found to treat kidney problems such as painful urination, foul smell in urine and kidney stones. It is believed that jamun cider vinegar dissolves the kidney stones and flush them out from the body.

Improves digestive system


If you are troubled with digestive disorders, you shall try jamun cider vinegar as it possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to inhibit bacterial activities that are causing stomach discomfort. You’d see your digestive system getting back on track in a few days. It is a great aid for constipation and acidity. Jamun cider vinegar contains folic acid, oxalic acid, gallic acid and malic acid that control gas and acid formation in the stomach. Thus, it also keeps gastric disorders at bay.

Increases hemoglobin

Haemoglobin is an important element for overall health. People whose haemoglobin is low should consume jamun cider vinegar daily as it has iron in it to increase blood platelets. Besides, this is of great help for women as they deal with menstruation which causes heavy blood loss every month. This vinegar can help in faster recovery. Patients of jaundice and anaemia should also consume jamun cider vinegar to boost iron in their body for health platelet count.

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Not just for internal health, jamun cider vinegar is also good for external beauty. It possesses astringent properties to treat acne and pimples. Consuming this vinegar would clear your skin for a flawless look. It has nutrients that boost skin health. Also, if your digestive health is in place, your skin would glow automatically. Thus, have a healthy diet and make jamun cider vinegar a part of your daily diet.

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