Why you should Avoid Induction of Labour

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Dec 03, 2011

Induction of labour

Although induced labour becomes important in some cases, but vaginal delivery is preferable under normal circumstances. With the rise in cases of induction, rates of medical complications rise. This is the same for mother and child.


Five complications in particular which can arise due to induced labour are:

  • Increased risk of forceps or vacuum extraction for delivery – Due to induced labour, the baby get into uncomfortable positions to necessitating the use of epidural anaesthesia. This would naturally increase the risk of forceps or vacuum extraction of baby.
  • Induced labour causes more pain – Your body would be surprised by the fast rate of progress to delivery that is brought about by induced labour. Your body is not in a favourable position to take the pains and is not able to endure it as well. The clear signals that is sent during a normal vaginal delivery is absent in induced labour.
  • Increased risk of C-section – There are times when induced labour fails, and the real problem is that the woman lying on the delivery table cannot be sent home. That leaves everyone with no option but to get a C-section done. This is because your waters would have broken due to the attempts of inducing labour, exposing you to the risk of infection.
  • Your baby can be harmed – There are occasions when the baby is unable to take the contractions that come after induced labour. There is the risk of uterine rapture which means serious damage to the uterus. Although these conditions do not occur often but the risk is still there.
  • You may not be emotionally ready – Since labour begins of its own in case of normal labour and delivery, you are ready for it. In case of induced labour, you may not be emotionally prepared to face the situation. It can be difficult for you to reconcile the change of circumstances.
  • You baby may need intensive care – The babies who are born through induced labour have not yet started giving signals to their mother. This implies that they were not ready to be born. That is why the baby may need to be put to intensive care unit. It is not advisable to take this option as a choice. It can be taken in case of an emergency.


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