Why Natural Herbs for Pain Relief?

The use of painkillers are most common, but we are often warned about its consequences. Therefore, we should look towards natural cures like herbs that will be effective without any side effects.

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Home RemediesWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jun 26, 2014
Why Natural Herbs for Pain Relief?

Analgesics or in plain terms drugs to relieve pain are much sought after in today’s time. We want to kick away the painful feeling with some quick remedy. How about natural analgesics or rather analgesic herbs?

The pain relief herbs are available in your market, very easily. You just do not see it, because you choose to walk inside your medicine store more often. They come in simple forms like essential oil and analgesic cream which could be applied to the areas of pain. Sometimes they also come in form of capsules, tea and tinctures. The many analgesic herbs also go by the name of joint herbs that give relief from joint pains like arthritis, neck, back and tendonitis. One of the most important reasons for taking analgesic herbs is that they are natural and does not tend to leave any side effects.

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The Side Effects of Pain Killers

Understand what sort of side effects do three most common pain killers have, and then compare this with the herbs that are natural.


The most common one that is in use is morphine. These are narcotic pain relievers that are used to treat moderate to severe pain. Now morphine can have many problems attached with it. One must not take morphine if he or she is suffering from asthma or breathing problems. Also, blockage in the stomach or intestines or even bowel obstruction could happen. One must never use morphine in large amounts or for too much longer that what you are prescribed. Morphine could lead to Constipation, you could feel sick, you could run a dry mouth, have itchy skin, blurred vision and difficulty in urinating.

Inflammatory Drugs

Then the use of inflammatory drugs could be equally bad for you. You could experience irritation in your stomach and the digestive system. If you take it without protecting your stomach then they can cause stomach ulcers. Additionally the amount of time your blood takes to clot can slow down considerably, while some other types could be pretty lethal to your kidney.

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Steroids as you must have heard already should not be used by any means. The most likely side effects of steroids that you could experience are an increase in your appetite, having more energy, difficulty sleeping and indigestion. Do not just be looking at the increased energy bit, because you could also run the risk of experiencing high blood pressure, increased risk of infection, raised blood sugar, sugar in your urine and loss of strength in muscles!

The amazing fact is that more than 100 plants are believed to have pain relieving properties, while some of them stand out because they are outstanding. A review of clinical trials in the Clinical Journal of Pain says that devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), capsaicin from hot chilies, gamma-linolenic acid from seed oils and a blend of herbal extracts are especially good. Some other studies have shown that you could get even more benefits two other traditional herbs known as white willow and peppermint.

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