Why Is There A Speech Delay In Children? Here's What Parents Can Do Ensuring Better Speech

Speech delay in kids is common in children around 2-3 years of age. Here is why this happens and the treatment for this issue. Read on.

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Why Is There A Speech Delay In Children? Here's What Parents Can Do Ensuring Better Speech

A child learn what you teach him/her. They observe your each and every action from lip movement to way of eating. It is easier for them to grasp habits from their parents. Toddlers even try to copy the language and way of speaking from adults. However, some kids have to face problems in basic activities like walking, crawling, talking, etc during their childhood. They grow and learn slower than the others. In facts, there are toddlers that have to get proper medical treatment/training to initiate these things. For example, a normal 2 year old young child can say around 50 words and speak in two-three word sentences. By the age of 3, their vocabulary develops and the word count moves to 1000 and the sentences also become longer. This is because you kid is having a speech delay. Now, you can read further to know why does speech delay occur in a child and what can a parent do about it.


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Why speech delay in children?

The very first thing that might be coming in your mind must be that why is your child going through such a thing? Well, if your child has a speech delay then it necessarily doesn't mean that he/she has a problem. Some children develop taking their own good time in development. A speech delay is a sign of a problem with your mouth or tongue. Here are some reasons why there's a speech delay in children:

1. Ankyloglossia

Ankyloglossia is a very common condition among toddlers and is also known as a tongue tie. If you have this issue, then your tongue will be attached to the base of the mouth. Due to this condition, it can be tough to make some sounds like:

  • S
  • D
  • L
  • R
  • Z
  • th


2. Neurological disabilities

If you child is having a speech delay, then the neurological state also can be a cause. Disorders in the brain can lead to a problem in speech. Neurological problems like cerebral palsy and brain injury require medical advice and treatment.

3. Autism

If your kid is facing problems in interacting with people, adapting the language and speaking, then he/she might be going through autism disorder, Autism is also one of the major reasons of speech delay. Repeating phrases and activities is also a sign of autistic behavior.

4. Hearing impairment

Deafness causes trouble in speaking and understanding words. Speech problems occur due to hearing impairment too. In this case, you should get your child examined by a doctor to make sure if this is the problem or just slow development.

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Treatment for speech delay in kids

It is not like that the developmental delay in kids cannot be treated. If and identified and taken care on time, there are some things a parent can do and some well worked treatments for speech delay in kids. For example, seeing a therapist can boos a kid's inner confidence and help out with speech treatment too. Speech and language therapy should be started at a very early age so that the child can get a hang of it before starting school. As mentioned above, take the primary conditions behind speech delay, like hearing problems, neurological disabilities, etc into consideration. In fact, it is also important for a parent to take care of some things like:

  • Give them time to speak on their own
  • Boost their confidence
  • Read and sing for your child
  • Pay attention to what they are trying to say
  • Try repeating the words they are having a problem with
  • Use your words to talk about objects like colour blocks, toys, etc

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