Baby Acne: Why Does It Happen And Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Spots

Ever seen red-rash like appearance on the baby's skin? Those can be acne marks. Read this article for more information.

Arushi Bidhuri
Newborn CareWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Feb 21, 2020Updated at: Feb 21, 2020
Baby Acne: Why Does It Happen And Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Spots

Babies have very sensitive skin and they are prone to skin diseases. One of the most common skin conditions among neonates is baby acne. It is extremely condition that appears within the first few months of an infant’s life. 

What is Baby Acne? 

Baby acne is a temporary condition that develops on the face or the body of an infant. They are usually little and red; the bumps can also be white. In most of the cases, the acne resolves without treatment. It is also known neonatal acne which affects around 20 percent of newborns.

baby acne

What are the Causes? 

Although this condition affects around 20-30 percent of infants, doctors are unclear why baby acne develops. Some experts believe that they are caused by maternal or infant hormones. Since the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, baby acne can become more pronounced if your baby is fussy. It can also be aggravated by milk, vomit or saliva that stays on the face for long. Rough fabrics can also irritate the skin of your infant and make baby acne look worse than it is. 

What are the Symptoms? 

Baby acne looks similar to the acne that teenagers and adults deal with – the same red bumps surrounded by inflamed skin. They can develop anywhere on the skin, but cheeks are the most common part of the face where they occur. Some babies may develop acne on their neck or upper back, if not the face.

baby acne problem

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Tips to Get Rid of Baby Acne 

As a parent, you have to be patient when it comes to baby acne. While you wait for the condition to get better, here are some tips which would help keep the area as clean and healthy as possible: 

Keep the Face Clean 

Keeping your infant’s face clean is crucial to get rid of the acne faster. Wash your baby’s face with warm water, try to avoid using soap. If you want to use a soap, you must use a mild one. You can ask a paediatrician to recommend you a good soap which isn’t harmful to your baby’s skin. 

touching baby acne

Say No To Harsh Products 

Scented soaps, bubble baths or other types of soaps contain excessive chemicals which aren’t usually recommended for baby acne. You must be extremely careful while using any products, especially the ones that contain harsh chemicals.

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Avoid Lotions 

Lotions and creams can do more harm than benefit to the baby’s skin, especially when they are suffering from baby acne.

Do not Scrub 

Scrubbing the affected area can aggravate the skin. Use a gentle cloth in circular motions to pat dry your baby’s skin.

baby acne squeeze

No Squeezing 

Just like adults’ skin, squeezing or pinching the acne will irritate the baby’s skin and worsen the problem. Avoid doing so if you want to get rid of baby acne as soon as you can.

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Patience is Key 

As mentioned above, you have to be patient with this condition. Baby acne is harmless and disappears within a few days. Instead of panicking, just wait for the condition to resolve on its own.

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