Low BP In Infants: Know The Causes, Treatment and Care Tips

Why do newborns get low blood pressure? What should the parents do in such condition? Get answers to these questions in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 28, 2020 18:13 IST
Low BP In Infants: Know The Causes, Treatment and Care Tips

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It is common for the newborn to get low blood pressure after birth. There can be many reasons for low blood pressure in the newborns. Though the reasons are difficult to ascertain, but this is not a major problem. New parents easily get worried when their baby gets low blood pressure. Questions like why does the baby have low blood pressure; what could be the cause; is there any serious problem with the kid; what to do if such a situation occurs with the newborn, etc. cross cross their mind. This article contains all the details related to the condition of low BP in newborns.

Causes of low blood pressure in the newborn

  • Excessive blood flow before and after delivery.
  • Because of some kind of infection.
  • Due to medicines given to the mother before delivery.
  • Excess of fluid flow after delivery.
  • The sudden change in the newborn environment is also the main reason for this.
  • Neonatal weakness or more weakness in the newborn.
  • However at times it is very difficult to find out why the newborn has low blood pressure. Many times the problem of low blood pressure is also found due to respiratory problems in the newborn.
low BP in newborn

Treatment of low blood pressure in the newborn

  • In such a situation, the newborn is given extra fluid by vaccine or injection.
  • In order to increase blood pressure in newborn children, it is kept in machines and in such an environment that the newborn's blood pressure becomes normal.
  • Sometimes due to lack of blood in the newborn, the problem of low blood pressure also starts, in this case blood is also given to the newborn so that the newborn will become normal soon.
  • To protect the newborn from low blood pressure, it should be kept under the supervision of doctors, so that the newborn can avoid any other infection and disease.
injection to newborn

Tips For Newborn Care

  • The body of a newborn should always be covered because the body of young children is not able to mold itself according to the external temperature. The temperature of the newborn should be around 37 ° C.
  • The cry of a newborn is not always a matter of concern. Most babies cry when they are hungry or on bedwetting. Pay attention to these things when the baby cries. If the child continues to cry, see her to the doctor.
  • Massaging young children makes their bones strong and this massage is very necessary. Almond oil can be used to massage the newborn. You can massage the child's body 10 days after birth. 
  • Mother's milk is considered best for the newborn because the substance called cholestrom is very important for the health of the child and it also protects the child from future diseases. Therefore, the baby should be fed breast milk after birth.


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  • The process of taking the child for some time in the sun is called phototherapy. Cover the newborn in clothes for some time and also show sunlight. This will strengthen the bones of the child.
  • The child should be given only breast milk for 6 months. After 6 months, the child can also be given solid food, but do not give the child any food which is difficult to digest.
  • If your baby is ill, please consult your doctor.

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