Where the heck do you keep your mobile phone?

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Nov 01, 2010

mobile phoneA new study reveals that keeping your cellphone in the pocket could weaken the pelvic girdle, and a zillion other studies suggest how almost every part of the body gets adversely affected by the gizmo evil. FYI delves deep into the link between where you keep your phone and anatomy


Slipping your can't-live-without mobile phone in the pocket might be the most convenient place, but certainly not the smartest, if a new study is to be believed.


According to a research conducted by scientists at Turkey's Suleyman Demirel University, strapping a mobile phone on one's belt could lead to decreased bone density in the area of the pelvis, that is commonly used for bone grafts.


The research report stresses on the ill-effects of electro-magnetic emissions, the most grave being bone weakening.


This apart, The Interphone Study supported by the World Health Organisation indicates that the electromagnetic rays that connect people on the move play havoc with one's health when absorbed.


One is prone to cancer if there is a prolonged, heavy usage, spread over years.


There are enough research and theories to support how just about every part of the body is at risk from technology. So where should you keep your mobile phone? We get experts to clear the confusion.


In the back pocket, or on belt, radiation is equally bad


Medically, there is no real, immediate danger. But with prolonged usage, mobile phones do cause potential danger. It doesn't matter whether you keep the mobile in your back pocket or attach it to the belt; the radiation is enough to make your body suffer.

Dr Vikas Gupta, senior orthopedic consultant, Medanta Medicity hospital, Gurgaon


Can lead to unruly behaviour in your unborn child


There is no direct relation between fertility and sperm count that can be linked to continuous use of mobile phones. However, if an expectant mother is glued to her mobile in the final months of her pregnancy, then it could result in unruly behaviour and unmanageable traits in the child for up to seven years.


Dr Neena Bahl, senior gynecologist Max hospital, Saket


Kya karein, na karein

  • As far as possible, minimise the use altogether, both in terms of talk and texting.
  • Use a headset, but only for a short period.
  • While travelling, don't put the mobile in your pocket. Put it in your bag. Mobile holders are also a good option.
  • Avoid the vibration mode. It magnifies the ill-effects.
  • Don't place the phone near sense organs like eyes, ears and the mouth, and genitals. These areas are highly exposed and sensitive.
  • As a practice, never sleep with the phone under the pillow, unless it is switched off.
  • Alternate conversations between both ears when talking.
  • When at work, place phone on desk rather than carrying it around.

Tech speak: Doesn't matter where you place it, the radiation is all around


Mobile experts say the gadget might harm certain sensitive areas a tad more than the others, but the radiation penetrates into all parts because of its omnipresent nature. "The factor to be counted here is radiation. Big or small, every mobile emits radiation that is harmful for your body. As long as your mobile is on, it will emit radiation regardless of its model or anatomy," says micro-tech specialist Rajat Khare.


Celeb calling


I ignore all studies
Tanushree Dutta Actor

I can't do without my mobile phone, so I ignore any study that I read or hear. Anyway, life without technology is no life at all.


I don't sleep with my phone
Minnisha Lamba, Actor
Yes, I'm familiar with the harmful effects of using mobile phones over long durations. But I can't survive without it. As far as precautions are concerned, I don't sleep with the phone next to me.


It can ring in cancer in teens, too


Lengthy chats with your sweetheart may get you a date not only with her, but also with an oncologist. Children and youngsters are at the worst risk because of their addictive tendencies. And the fact that cellular operators have slashed their rates only adds to the problem.


Speakerphone is much safer


The constant sound exposure can affect hearing power and in severe cases, cause deafness. Also phones usually heat up after extended usage, and that also can add to the problem. Many call centre employees regularly  complain of ear pain after a long conversation over mobiles.


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