What is Walking Meditation?

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Mar 03, 2012

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What is Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a beginner level meditation technique, which can fit easily to our daily regimen. This art of meditation renders physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The practice fits perfectly for the individual who face difficulty engaging in sitting meditation for longer duration. Individuals keen to learn and practice this mediation form can even opt for calm outdoor setting.

Most of us associated meditation with sitting, although walking mediation is an important technique of the mediation domain. One can call it more active meditation form as it involves body physically in the exercise. Apart from awarding peace to the mental state, walking meditation raises the bars of concentration and focus.

Primary Objective

The primary objective served by walking meditation is nurturing consciousness, or in other words increasing awareness. Walking mediation also earns the distinction over other meditation forms, as it is done with open eyes and active body. External environment is another important aspect to be considered for desired results, which includes all the aspects like light, wind, sounds and presence of living beings.

Steps for Practicing Walking Meditation

  1. Decide the pathway for exercising the meditation. Ascertain that minimum length of the straight pathway is 35 feet. Moreover, the pathway should be smooth enough so that there are no disruptions.
  2. Choose a convenient way of practising the mediation, either walking slowly or brisk. Make sure that rhythm remains steady throughout.
  3. Eyes should be half open and looking at the ground.
  4. It is quite important for you to feel when feet make contact with the ground and thereafter moves away and get back again.
  5. At the end of the straight pathway, pause for a moment before turning around. This will refill you with energy for rest of the exercise.
  6. Carry on with the exercise for the least of 20 minutes until you feel you are done with it.

The Next Level

After becoming acquainted with the art of walking mediation, one can add proportions like addition of foot step during exhalation and inhalation as well to derive additional benefits. However, comfort should never be compromised upon.



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