What To Do When Your Tooth Crown Falls Out?

It is possible that your tooth cap falls down due to specific reasons. Know what to do when it happens.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jun 07, 2021
What To Do When Your Tooth Crown Falls Out?

Tooth Crowing is done to cover the damaged tooth. It is also called tooth cap which is placed right above the damaged or broken tooth. Tooth cap can be made from a number of materials; some people even prefer getting it covered with silver and gold as well. It includes metal and porcelain from which the basic structure of it is made off. However these caps in general last for a number of years and are quite reliable but a number of factors do sometimes affect them. Certain conditions can make the tooth cap fall; in that case you need to follow some steps. Let us discuss some points which you need to consider if your tooth cap has fallen.


How Can Tooth Caps Fall Out? 

Dr. Nitya Gupta, B.D.S working as a general dentist at Elite Dental Care, Noida tells us the common reasons for falling of tooth caps. She says tooth caps don’t often fall before they estimated date of replacement but some factors may affect the tooth crown which can make it weak. These factors can include-

  • An improperly fitted crown
  • Not enough substance holding the crown in place
  • Having sticky food that pulls a crown out of its place
  • A damaged or condition of severe tooth decay
  • Biting something extremely hard and putting pressure on cap directly
  • Chewing ice often.

There is both temporary and permanent crowning which is done. This is basically depends on the substance that is put to make the tooth crown. Tooth crown or cap is just the upper covering of the tooth and not the tooth as a whole, so it does not have the capacity to bite or resist similar load as of your normal teeth.

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What To Do If Your Tooth Cap Falls?

So there are two conditions for this, if the tooth cap is fine and has just left the glue or binding substance, and then you can call your dentist and get it fixed again. However, it would not be as strong as before. Other method is to get it made again, which will obviously cost a lot more. Let us understand what you need to do if your tooth cap falls at home. These are some points you need to follow.

Get appointment of your dentist

Once your tooth crown fells off, you should contact your dentist and book an appointment with him. This action should be made quickly because without tooth cap, the tooth is weak and vulnerable to infections and cavities. You may also feel a lot more sensitivity and pain while having some food or drinks. Therefore it is best to book an appointment with dentist and get it treated.


Rinse Off Your Tooth Cap

You should check whether the crown is still in good shape or not. If it looks in good shape then it is possible to attach it again. This will save both your time and money as compared of getting a new crown manufactured. It is possible that it might have fallen while chewing something or having some food item, hence rinse it with warm water. It will wash off the food particles and dirt from it and keep it healthy. Keep it in plastic bag or container far way from dust and factors affecting it.

Protect Your Tooth

Since your tooth is vulnerable to tooth infections, it is better to take care of your tooth. For that you need to be careful what you eat, make sure no food is left behind in the area between the teeth. You can even get a coating from a drugstore that can help protect the tooth and provide it with temporary coating. This can later be removed by the dentist at the time of fixing the tooth cap again. But still try to avoid chewing from the area where the tooth cap has fallen off.

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Get Your Crown Reattached Or Replaced

According to our dental expert, she prefers that the person gets it replaced because even after fixing it, it no longer has the same strength. So eventually it can fall off again. Apart from that people should get it fixed as soon as possible so that the empty tooth does not create any other gum problems or cavities. Repair of tooth crown can last up for few years but needs to be taken off more often. Repair can be done with help of dental cement which can hold the cap for long enough time.

Tips To Follow If You Have Tooth Crown

  • Do not chew ice
  • Avoid eating sticky food
  • Brush your teeth twice regularly
  • Floss regularly to make sure no food particle gets stuck
  • Use inter dental brush that has wider bristles and can go between the gaps and remove plaque from gum area that meets tooth and cap.
  • Do not grind your teeth, if you have habit of doing it; get a mouth guard that can help.

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