What are the Risks factors for Typhoid?

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Aug 16, 2011

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What are the Risks factors for TyphoidTyphoid fever continues to be a major problem in many parts of the world- especially in the developing world. It is an endemic disease in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and many other developing countries. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 21 million people are affected each year by typhoid. Read to know the risks factors for typhoid fever:


  • Region: If you live or travel to areas where typhoid fever is endemic you are at increased risk.
  • Age: Children are at greater risk of contracting the disease. The symptoms are usually milder in children as compared to adults.
  • Profession: You are at higher risk if you work as a clinical microbiologist and have to handle salmonella typhi bacteria.
  • Contact: Being in close contact with a person who is infected or has recently been infected with typhoid fever increases your risk of contracting typhoid fever.
  • Immunity: People with a weak immune system (weakened by medications such as corticosteroids or diseases such as HIV/AIDS) are at increased risk of typhoid fever.
  • Food and water: Having food or water contaminated by sewage that contains S. Typhi.

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