Undie Talk: Time for Men to Understand their Underwear better

The clothing beneath the trousers and pants are equally important, and this is something men hardly seem to realise. Not just to feel or look sexy, but also for your physical health. Understand your underwear better.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Men's HealthWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jul 03, 2014
Undie Talk: Time for Men to Understand their Underwear better

The confidence of a man reeks from below waist, err. Well, at least if he is comfortable inside, he becomes a confident man!

As a little boy you wore tiny shorts with tucked shirts and make a cute impression on ladies; while inside those shorts the white “undie” was still choking from those numerous last drops. The yellowness of it is all very clear, even today. As a teen you tried to improvise, you worshipped your superstars who endorsed weird looking man cloths, and you tried them all, even those hideous briefs. Now finally you are a man, or let us up the class quotient and call you a gentleman. You know about your suits, you know about your shoes, you know about the leather duffle bag that you should carry. But, how much do you know about your inner wear? Do you wear boxer shorts when wearing a suit? Oops, time for some recon brothers.

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Briefs stormed into the scene in the 1960s, it was then a style statement. For some reason, you do not look good in briefs unless you are well trimmed and are in possession of a good physique. But, as long as you are planning on keeping it under wraps, no one really cares. Briefs are definitely old fashioned, but they have not lost their charm and are still very famous. Why are briefs good? Because, they support your genital area you should be wearing them for your office hours, sitting for long hours require you to put on briefs. You must always wear formals with briefs as boxer shorts could make your trouser look a tad bit weird. Also, very importantly, if you are into sports, or you work out in the gym, then make sure you wear briefs! Pay your attention to good briefs, they would be worth it. Also, buy the right size.

Boxer Shorts

Here is the style statement of a generation. Men went gaga over lose boxer shorts, so much so that they even went out for a midnight ride wearing only these. They are visually appealing, and can come in endless designs. They are the king of comforts, and allow your man down there to have a great time; it is basically a cool day for your genitals. Fashionably, avoid plaids and wear them with casual clothing, if you are a student or into some cool profession that does not require you to wear briefs, you could always wear these. Boxer shorts are also the right choice for you when you are sleeping, but they offer poor support to your genitals and therefore you must not train in them.


Trunks/Tight Boxers

Here is what makes sense, but no, do not get ideas about pulling out your 1990s trunks. These tight boxers are good for comfort, and if you can get the right ones then comfort too. Every designer is making them these days, and they look like a better version of a brief. Tight boxers offer support for training, and are good for you if you sit down all day. Tight boxers or trunks have now become the hot thing in the world of underwear, so you could be shelling out more money than usual if you choose to go for one that looks good and feels comfortable. The young people are after all going gaga over them! When in doubt you should always look towards what is making you happy.

We would like to end this with a little pep talk for you. While it is true that wearing briefs and tight boxers is great for your genitals, you must also remember to allow them some free space. So, do not forget to get yourself a pair of boxers when you reach home. Freedom is a basic right.

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