What is the Incubation Period of Fever?

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Aug 11, 2011

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What is the Incubation Period of Fever

There are several causes of fever. If the fever is caused due an infection, the incubation period of fever will depend on the cause of infection.

The incubation period for most of the bacteria and viruses which cause pneumonia ranges from one day to one week. Incubation period of some of the common bacteria and virus that can cause pneumonia and fever are given below.



Table 1


Incubation period

Respiratory syncytial virus

1 to 4 days

Influenza virus

18 to 72 hours

Streptococcus pneumonia

1-3 days

Klebsiella Pneumonia

1-3 days

Mycoplasma Pneumonia

2-10 days

Incubation period of some of the common causes of fever is given below in table 2.



Table 2


Incubation period


10-20 days (can range from 3 to 60 days)


10 days to four weeks (range seven days after infection, or as late as several years later)

Dengue fever

4–7 days (range 3–14 days).


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