What is Eastern Indian Herbal Weight Loss?

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Sep 14, 2011

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Eastern Indian Herbal treatment, also known as ayurveda, has garnered a lot of attention lately as the weight loss achieved through it is considered highly safe and natural. Herbal remedies are thoroughly safe and do not trigger any type of harmful side effects. Curative herbs have been used for decades now to treat a host of diseases. A wide array of Indian herbs like Guggul, Triphala, Katuki, Mustak, Guar gum and others are particularly effective in correcting liver functioning and fat metabolism, thereby helping the body to cope and get rid of the excess fat over time.


Eastern Indian Herbal Weight Loss is based on a few important principles. Instead of fasting for long durations, small portioning of meals is recommended. Besides, it emphasizes on the cleansing of the digestive and excretion system for effective functioning. Lastly, exercise and adequate sleep are equally important components of this treatment.



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