What do you understand by Acupressure for Diabetes?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 03, 2011

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Acupressure has been an oft used relief from diabetes. Though this is not a complete cure, it surely helps in treating diabetes to a great extend. Further, acupressure is a natural way of healing, thus, free from side effects.


In order to opt for this measure, a diabetic must look for a practitioner acupressure. An in-depth study is very important before starting with it.


The Chinese remedy takes into account 10 pressure points in the body, focussing on the ear, neck, elbow, knees and shoulder.


Acupressure works by way of application of gentle pressure at these pressure points. This act releases chemicals in the brain, the spinal chord and the muscles which, in turn, bring out more chemicals in the form of hormones. This helps in naturally normalising the blood glucose level, without any side effects.


It is, therefore, preferable to opt for acupressure to decrease the severity of diabetes.



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