What is the diagnosis of Parathyroid Cancer?

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Apr 17, 2013

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diagnosis of Parathyroid Cancer

When an individual experiences kidney problem symptoms, bone pain or combination of the two, he/she should see a doctor. The doctor will ask about the risk factors related to various types of kidney and bone illnesses.

The doctor will begin the diagnostic procedure with a thorough physical examination and a few basic laboratory tests, such as a blood tests and urinalysis. Depending on the outcome of your diagnosis and symptoms, doctor may order X-rays or special scans of your neck, bones or kidneys to figure out tumour.

A blood sample is taken to measure the amounts of certain substances released into the blood by organs and tissues in the body. When you have parathyroid cancer, the blood tests will reflect an abnormally high calcium level. Sestamibi scan is another test to find out an overactive parathyroid gland, in which the radioactive substance collects in the overactive gland and show up brightly.

Moreover, if a doctor finds a lump on your neck during the physical examination, he will conduct a test for hypocalcaemia, including a check for high blood levels of PTH.



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