What Causes Bad Breath?

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Jul 08, 2011

Bad breathBad breath or halitosis is often the most commonly faced problem. The most usual and the handy tips to conceal bad breaths are mouth fresheners, mouthwashes or sprays. One must know what causes bad breath in order to prevent a foul smelling mouth:


  • Chronic bad breaths can occur mostly due to an unclean tongue. People suffering from this must consider using a tongue cleaner every morning after a brushing session. The tongue often tends to form a coating of saliva and other juices secreted in the mouth after every eating session. Scraping the layer off with a tongue cleaner can actually reduce the cause of bad breaths drastically.
  • Another cause of bad breath is people having a liver disorder. This is a non-oral reason causing stinking breath.
  • Many dentists have traced the cause of bad breaths in the bacteria in the oral cavity that break down the proteins in the mouth. This also promotes the development of plague and tartar. The bacteria present in the mouth break the proteins into compounds of sulphur making it smell.
  • Dried mucus in the mouth can be another pertinent cause of bad breath.
  • Tonsillitis in extreme cases does generate bad breath. An Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist can cure bad breaths in suchcases.
  • The most common problem diagnosed for stinking breath is improper ways of brushing the teeth. Brushing involves a little technique in order to pull out the food particles sticking in your mouth effectively. Due to lack of using the tooth brush properly, these food particles tend to remain in the folds and corners of the teeth making the bacteria overactive. This precisely causes bad breath in the mouth. Occasional flossing apart from brushing twice a day often helps to get rid of this embarrassing disease.
  • Often certain food items such as garlic, onions and even smoking trigger bad breath. Try avoiding these for a given period of time before visiting the dentist.
  • If one thinks that using a mouth wash every morning would help combat bad breath, then one should reconsider the idea. This is because mouth washes and sprays have powerful chemicals that not only kill the bad bacteria in the mouth but the good ones as well leading to a reduced immunity of the tooth enamel. Long term usages of these chemicals are therefore not a good idea.


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