What Causes Someone To Be Left Or Right Handed? Read Scientist's Opinion

Lefty or Righty? You may be surprised to know that only 10 per cent of the people in the world are left-handers!

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 01, 2020Updated at: Jun 08, 2020
What Causes Someone To Be Left Or Right Handed? Read Scientist's Opinion

Are You A Lefty Or Righty: Do you know, only 10 per cent of people in the world use left hand, i.e. are left-handers? It is often seen that those who use the left side than those who use the right hand are looked with pity. Because of this, people who use left hand feel as if they have committed a crime. People who use the left-hand fall prey to inferiority complex due to sinful attitudes and comments of the people. If you also use the left hand, then you are exceptional. Not only this, but people using left hand have also been creating history for thousands of years.


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There has been a lot of analysis on the reason behind being a left-hander. Some research has shown that due to the genes and DNA of the human body, people start using the left hand. Actually, from the age of six months, newborns start using the left side or right hand, and this becomes a habit later. To some extent, it is also believed to happen due to genetic reasons. If the mother or father is a left-hander, then there is some possibility that the child may also be a left-hander.

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Left-handers are more creative

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People who use left hand are quite creative. They play outstanding music, do good drawings, are exceptional artists. Not only this, but people using left hand have also been found to be better architects. Do you know why this happens? Our brain has two parts, which are called hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls the entire right side of our body and the correct region on the left side of the body. Creative works like drawings, architects, music are due to the right part. Now think for yourself that our right hemisphere controls the left hand and the left side of the body so that the remaining people will do more creative work.

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Advantages and problems related to the left hand

  • From cricket to all other sports, being a leftist has its advantages. People using left hand are better in sports like boxing, tennis.
  • Left-handed people have higher IQ levels. According to a study by St. Lawrence University in New York, left-handed people have an IQ level of more than 140 compared to right-handed people.
  • People working with the left hand are sensitive and have fantastic speed in their hands.
  • Left-wing man can overcome stroke-like problem faster than right-handed man.
  • They can listen to rapidly changing voices more easily.
  • Right sides are ahead of the people in terms of earning and spending money.

What are left-handed problems?

  • It isn't easy to write on the bench-chairs made in the school because they are made according to the right-handed people.
  • Writing on spiral-bound copies is very difficult, and scissors and tin opener are a challenge to them.
  • Usually, the mouse of the computer in the office is on the right side, and left-handed people have to do it on their left side every time.
  • Playing the guitar is not easy for left-handed people.
  • Left-handed people tend to think before joining hands with any other person, and many times they habitually push the left hand forward.
  • Typing on a touchscreen mobile or iPad is not easy.
  • Credit cards and swipe machines are not made keeping in mind the left-handed people.
  • Ink pens are difficult to write.
  • People always ask you by surprise that hey you are left-handed, it makes you feel different.
  • The problem of hitting the hand next to someone while sitting side-by-side with someone, bothers you and the person.

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