What is Apicoectomy?

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Jun 24, 2014
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  • Apicoectomy is done when root canal has been done at least once.
  • A second root canal is considered before an apicoectomy.
  • The treatment is done by make an incision in the gum.
  • Drilling is done to have access to the infected root.

What is Apicoectomy?

The teeth are held in place by roots which go into the jawbone. Nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth through the end of the root (called the apex) and then pass through a canal inside the root to the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is present inside the crown--the part of the tooth that is seen in the mouth. In root canal treatment, the canals are cleaned and the inflamed or infected tissue is removed. If the infection cannot be managed with root canal treatment or retreatment, apicoectomy may be needed.

During apicoectomy, the root tip, or apex, and the infected tissue are removed. Then filling is done to seal the end of the root. An apicoectomy is performed using an operating microscope. That's why apicoectomy is also called endodontic microsurgery

Apicoectomy Defined

What is Apicoectomy Used for?

If in the past a person has gone under a root canal treatment, there is a possibility that the infection may occur again. This often occurs due to a problem near the apex root. Before apicoectomy  a second root canal treatment is always taken into consideration. An apicoectomy is done only when a tooth has undergone at least one root canal treatment has not been performed successfully.

Apicoectomy Defined

How to Prepare for Apicoectomy?

Before going for apicoectomy a consultation from the dentist is a must. Before the surgery begins, x-rays of the tooth and the surrounding bone are taken. An antimicrobial rinse, a medicine to reduce inflammation may also be given before the treatment.

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