Weird Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Some of the pregnancy symptoms may seem weird or embarrassing but it is the nature’s way of reminding women about the coming baby and the expected body changes.

Vatsal Anand
PregnancyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Sep 19, 2012
Weird Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

There are many symptoms of pregnancy that look weird. It is nature’s way of telling the mom and other concerned persons that a new life is budding in the womb.

weird pregnancy signs

You may think of a certain body change or sign and think it is weird. The most general of reaction when you consult your doctor or health professional is that “It is normal.” What you feel when faced with an awkward situation like unsightly strange marks on your skin, is far from normal.


If you are aware of the weird pregnancy signs and symptoms, it would keep you prepared for tackling them, mentally and otherwise.



Women start to crave for things they had never done before. There are some hormonal reasons for it. It is important too because the body needs to have a reservoir of vitamin C and calcium for the coming baby’s development.


Morning Sickness


This is widely believed to be the early sign of pregnancy. It is due to increased levels of hormones and can lead to nausea too. It can last a few weeks up to the second semester.


Vaginal Discharge

The vaginal discharge during pregnancy is a sort of white or pale yellow liquid that keeps occurring frequently. This is primarily because of increased vaginal blood flow as the baby is developing there.


Choking of Nose

You may feel like your nose is always choked even though you do not have a cold. This is because the increased blood flow and hormonal activity causes the mucus membrane to swell up. This swelling up is expected to dry and eventually bleed. You can try some home remedies for preventing this strange pregnancy symptom or call your doctor in case of excessive bleeding.


Sense of Smell Enhances

Another weird pregnancy symptom is the woman starting to get very distinct smell for each and every object. It is believed that the increase of estrogen causes this and some experts are of the opinion that it helps to protect the woman and the baby as the pregnant woman would know the nature of food by smell. Many women hardly get such a heightened sense though.


Gas and Constipation

In the early part of the pregnancy, with the increase in the levels of progesterone, a woman can face the problem of gas and constipation. Progesterone has the effect of relaxing the muscles, including the muscles involved in the digestive process. The relaxed muscle also causes release of gas more often.



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