Pulled Muscle in the Leg? Here Are Some Ways to Care of It

A muscle strain happens when a muscle is stretched too far.Here are some steps that will help you recover faster and get you moving.

Arushi Bidhuri
Mind BodyWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Mar 10, 2020Updated at: Mar 10, 2020
Pulled Muscle in the Leg? Here Are Some Ways to Care of It

A pulled muscle or muscle strain happens when a muscle is stretched too far. This is usually the result of improper use of muscle, overuse of the muscles and fatigue. Some of the common symptoms of a pulled muscle include pain, puffiness, bruising and tearing sensation in the pulled muscle. 

The pain may vary, from mild to severe. Sometimes the pain might make a person unable to continue their day-to-day activities. Most of the muscle strains heal with time, but performing the right steps at the right time might help you heal faster. 

Recovery for some people might take longer depending on the severity of the injury. Here are some steps that will help you recover faster and get you moving. 


Considering the severity of the strain, try not to go with your pulled muscle for a few days. Using the muscle will put more strain on the muscle and might make the condition severe. When you start going to the gym, begin with light bodyweight exercises to avoid further injuries. Ensure the same muscle doesn’t hurt again. 

Ice and Compress It 

ice and compress

Ice it as soon as you get injured, it will immediately reduce swelling, pain and bleeding – yes, torn muscles bleed! Try to ice the area at least for 15 minutes every other hour on the first day. The next few days, repeat every four-five hours. As for compression, wrap an elastic band around the leg until the swelling decreases – this will help reduce blood circulation. 

Elevation helps

Elevating the leg will help reduce the injury and provide relief if you continue to it for an entire week. Keep it on a chair while sitting to reduce swelling.

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Ensure No Bruising 

If a bruise appears on the leg, then your pulled leg is more serious than you might think. When the torn muscle bleeds into your body, it causes bruising which needs immediate attention – your doctor’s attention. If the muscle tear is severe, the bruise might appear after a few days.


Don’t Stretch the Muscle 

Avoid stretching the sprained muscle especially right after pulling it. If the sprain is severe, don’t move the leg aggressively but in case the injury is mild, you can roll it firmly after a few days of the injury.

When to See a Doctor 

If the injury is mild to moderate, these aforementioned ways should be enough. But if they these don’t work and the pain deteriorates, you must seek professional help. 

Seek help if the following happens: 

  • The injured leg is numb.
  • The pain doesn’t alleviate after a week.
  • Bleeding from the leg. 
  • Immobility. 
  • Inability to move your arms or legs.
pulled muscle


Anyone can get a muscle strain from working the muscles too much. Recovery time depends on the severity of the muscles and may vary from person to person. For a mild strain, it can take about a week to heal. For moderate pulls, it might take three to four weeks, whereas for severe injuries recovery might take several months. 

Following these ways might help you recover faster but in case the pain doesn’t subside, you must visit a doctor and get it checked.

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