How To Lose The First 5 Kilos Without Dieting

You don't need to diet to lose the first five kilos; simply incorporate these five tips into your daily routine.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Feb 09, 2023 12:28 IST
How To Lose The First 5 Kilos Without Dieting

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You might be overweight not because you eat a lot of junk, but because you have a bad lifestyle. Your weekend possibly begins around 2 pm on a Saturday and ends at 2 am on a Monday. When a person eats whenever they want, sleeps whenever they want, and does not move during the day, this not only contributes to fat accumulation, but also increases inflammation in the body. Such a person can be prone to mood swings, be unable to focus, and become ill more frequently. And when the same person considers getting in shape, they immediately consider crash dieting and skipping meals. Crash dieting can cause deficiency in the body and a decrease in metabolism. 

So, if you don't have an eating and moving routine or want to lose weight without dieting, here are five lifestyle changes you can make to shed the first five kilos.

Follow A Pattern

Weight loss is all about consistency; you must do the same things for at least six weeks to see results. As a result, it is critical to plan your meals properly. You should eat three proper meals and two mini meals daily to feel full throughout the day. Protein should make up the majority of your meals because it aids in recovery and reduces inflammation in the body. Moreover, all of these meals should be consumed at the same time, with a three-hour gap between them.

Start Moving

When you incorporate some movement into your day, you not only burn calories, but the sweat you produce also aids in removing toxins from your body. However, running or going to the gym for two hours is not necessary, but rather engaging in any movement that you enjoy and will continue to do in the long term. The only thing to remember is to increase your exercise time every week and avoid doing the same workout for more than four weeks. This will shock your body and result in quick weight loss.

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Cook Your Meals

In today's fast-paced world, where there are all kinds of discounts on takeout and delivery options, we are more likely to order high-calorie meals. Outside food is not only high in calories but also contains ingredients that increase toxins in the body. However, when you cook your own food, you know exactly what is going into that meal, and you can even reduce the oil and customise it to your calorie needs. The best way is to log everything you eat in calorie counter apps, which will give you a clear picture of how many calories you have consumed throughout the day.

Plan Your Sleep

The reason why sleep is so important when trying to lose weight is that we have the majority of our cravings at night, and if we sleep on time, we can avoid those extra calories. Moreover, when we sleep, our bodies undergo all hormonal changes. So prioritise your sleep and get at least eight hours of sound sleep every night.

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Prioritise Water Intake

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins and boost metabolism. When you are hydrated, you have fewer cravings, and your food is better absorbed. Starting your day with a glass of water is the best way to jumpstart your metabolism and aid in weight loss.


Weight loss is all about calories in vs calories out; all of these tips will only work if you eat clean and stay within your maintenance calorie range.

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