5 Ways To Combat PCOS Weight Gain

Women suffering from PCOS are more insulin sensitive, meaning their blood sugar level rises when they eat something.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Mar 06, 2023 18:11 IST
5 Ways To Combat PCOS Weight Gain

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disease in women of childbearing age. The symptoms of PCOS include irregular periods, or signs of high male hormone levels, such as excessive hair growth or severe acne. Women also struggle to deal with unwanted weight gain caused by hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance.

When it comes to weight loss, women with PCOS experience more sugar spikes whenever they consume something, resulting in body fat gain. So, if you are new to weight loss or want to get rid of PCOS weight gain, let us first understand what women suffering from PCOS must take care of and the ways they can speed up their weight loss.

What Should You Do If You Have PCOS? 

To begin with  a strict diet plan is not a good idea because when you follow a specific diet, you are only allowed to eat certain foods. Each food has its own properties, and limiting yourself to certain foods prevents your body from receiving all the nutrients. Second, women with PCOS are more insulin sensitive, meaning their blood sugar level rises when they eat something. An insulin spike is the accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream, which causes fat gain. When an average person eats something, their blood sugar level rises between 70 to 100. Whereas for women with PCOS, this number can exceed 120. So how and what you eat can affect your weight loss.

Ways To Combat PCOS Weight Gain

1) Limit Carbs

Lowering carbs can help manage the increase in insulin levels in the body. When you eat something, the insulin spike occurs 40 to 60 minutes later. Whereas when you consume a high-carb meal, such as pasta, the sugar spike begins almost immediately. This raises the glucose in the bloodstream, making fat loss difficult. To reduce this effect, either consume some fibre or protein with your meal or experiment with adding complex carbs. Complex carbs include oats, brown rice, brown bread, and quinoa.

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2) Protein Is Must

If you have PCOS, protein should be a regular part of your diet. The addition of protein in meals slows digestion and fills you up, allowing less glucose to accumulate in your bloodstream. Protein should also be consumed in proportion to your body weight. Assuming your body weight is 60 kg, consuming 60 grams of protein daily should be your goal.

3) Sleep More

PCOS develops when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body, and all hormonal changes are at their peak during sleep. So, if you sleep less, your hormones will not develop, and losing weight may become difficult.

4) Know Your Trigger Food

There are certain foods that, when consumed, cause overeating. Overeating and bingeing are major red flags as they both have the potential to cause insulin sensitivity in the body. So make it a point to avoid sugary and high-sodium foods because they stimulate your taste buds and cause you to binge.

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5) Exercise

Moving your body on a daily basis is important for hormone management. When you exercise, you sweat, which helps you get rid of excess water in your body. Daily exercise can also help to boost metabolism, which is important for weight loss.

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