Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

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Aug 07, 2012

Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

It is never easy to heal a broken heart, and it is bound to hurt like hell for some time. When someone you love deeply leaves you or dies, your heart is broken. Heartbroken people can often blame their beloved for their sorry state of affairs, but they should not stop loving. Pain that comes from loving deeply makes it even more beautiful. But nonetheless, you need prescription for a broken heart to lessen the pain so that it does not tear you apart emotionally.


How to heal your broken heart


  • Bear it and give vent – The most difficult task for a person with broken heart is to bear the pain of it. But it is important all the same. You cannot try to avoid the grief that is tearing you from inside. However intense the pain may be, you need to endure it and come out the stronger person. It would be hard to work your way around it, i.e. to shove it aside.
  • Find time to enjoy – You need to be able to relax and indulge in something you love to do for a long time. Doing something which makes you happy would ease the tension and take your mind away from your pain. You need to do this after having faced your pain of a broken heart.
  • Fill the void without anything or anyone – You should be telling yourself that you do not need anything or anyone to make yourself happy. Rushing into a new relationship or trying to get your beloved back come what may is the opposite of being detached. If you are detached, it fills you with freedom to have peace with happiness. While experiencing the most intense pangs of sadness, with a feeling that you cannot be whole without your special person in life, you need to remind yourself to be detached. Beckon the higher powers of the will to fill your emptiness with creativity.
  • Casting away the memories – After you have faced your demons, it would be desirable to get rid of the debris of memory. Find each and every item that makes you remember about her/him and throw them away. Perhaps before you do so, yelling out something suitable which emphasises that you would not think of her again or that you have moved on would be fitting. Allow yourself to be as filthy in anger when doing so.


Although no amount of tips or guide can help you deal with your broken heart, the ones given here can definitely to mellow down your sorrows.


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