Want to pee? Here is why you should hold it instead!

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Dec 11, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Holding pee triggers better focus.
  • Brain enables the ability to hold all impulsive urges.
  • Holding yourself from urinating for some time is harmless.
  • Holding pee for too long, however, can be harmful.

Working on something important or attending a meeting and suddenly having that 'I got to go' sensation can be annoying for anyone. We bet you already have heard that holding your pee for long hours is not a good idea. But, do you really have to give in to the slightest sensation to pee?



Well, running to the washroom to pee every time you feel the need might not be the best thing to do. Instead, holding your pee may surprisingly improve your ability to focus to on tasks at hand. A growing body of research suggests that waiting to relieve yourself can actually aid your will power and help you do better at work.

According to a group of researchers who had been studying effects of holding pee, it's all about impulse control. The team conducted a research on the effects of a full bladder on a person's brain functioning. One interesting observation that they made was that a full bladder makes a person good at lying. One can tell lies more convincingly when he has his bladder full.

According to the researchers, it all comes from the ability of the brain to resist impulsive urges. Holding onto your pee activates a part of the brain that triggers better self-control, enabling you to resist all impulsive urges.

Another study found similar results. It found that people who had to take a break to pee during mental tests were more confused while undergoing the tests. On the other hand, people who held on their urges to pee were able to better direct their focus on the questions in the tests.

So, it works in your favour when you avoid going to the washroom to take a leak. However, it is also worth noting that holding on to pee for hours when the urge is already extreme can be harmful for your health. You can wait long enough before you take a pee break but not too long. Holding it for too long can increase the risk for urinary tract infections as well as long-term scarring of the bladder wall. If you feel lower abdominal pain, it's a clear sign that you have held your pee for way too long.

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