Want Relief From The Symptoms Of Herpes? Try These 7 Effective Natural Remedies

Herpes is an infection caused by a virus. The symptoms can be treated with some effective natural remedies at home. Read on.

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Want Relief From The Symptoms Of Herpes? Try These 7 Effective Natural Remedies

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Herpes is an infection caused by a herpes simplex virus which is called HSV. It leads to blisters or cold sores on different parts of your body, usually on your mouth or genital areas. Anyone can get infected by HSV, regardless of age or sex. An individual is at risk from any exposure to this infection. In cases of sexually transmitted HSV, people are at a higher risk if they have unprotected sex. But, you should know that sometimes, a patient might not have noticeable sores as symptoms or any other prominent signs and still be infected by the herpes virus. Moreover, there is also a great risk of spreading the virus to other people as it is highly contagious. A person who is already having herpes, then stress can be a major trigger for this virus.

Herpes can be irritating and painful, but does not cause any serious health problems. It has a greater risk of spreading if the sores are open or wet. It is a common infection that can affect children as well as adults and may even stay in your body for life, but some medicications can be prescribed by the doctor to prevent the spreading of this virus. There are 8 types of herpes, mainly HSV-1, HSV-2, HHV-3, HHV-4, HHV-5, HHV-6, HHV-7 and HHV-8. The first two types do not even have any cures but can be prescribed with anti viral drugs. Oral herpes mostly cause genital herpes. The symptoms of herpes can be treated with medicines and some home remedies. Read this article further to know about effective natural remedies for herpes.

Natural remedies for herpes

Anti-viral drugs are given for herpes, but antibiotics are usually not helpful for treating this infection. The anti-viral drugs prevent the spread and there are anti-viral ointments that can be given by the doctor. People should also try to maintain good hygiene to prevent and treat this infection. There is no specific treatment for herpes but the signs can be reduced through medication and home remedies. People should also avoid certain recurrence triggers such as stress and too much sun exposure. The symptoms of herpes like pain and irritation on the sores can be treated with some effective natural remedies, such as:

1. Honey


Honey is one of the most important kitchen ingredients found in almost every household. It can help in treating. Applying manuka honey can be as effective in treating oral herpes as antiviral creams. According to a study, it takes 8 days for the cold sores to heal with antiviral cream and 9 days with honey. But, oral herpes can get healed within 1-2 weeks without any treatment. You should not try applying honey on the sores without talking to an expert about the same. It can take 8-9 days for the sores to heal using honey along with antiviral creams. Manuka honey has antiviral properties that can help in fighting this infection.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is full of antioxidants and are considered extremely beneficial for your health. It contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that are efficient in fighting against herpes simplex virus. You can choose to eat the fruit as a whole or include it in a fruit salad. Moreover, you can grind pomegranate along with beetroot and watermelon to make a delicious and healthy juice. This will not only prevent and treat herpes, but also boost overall health.

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3. Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is not used by a lot of people but is extremely effective just like the other essential oils, including clove essential oil and basil essential oil. It contains antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that can help in easing the pain and reducing inflammation. You can even include rosemary essential oil in your hair care routine to promote hair growth. For herpes, it is beneficial as rosemary essential oil can relieve stress, which is a major trigger of this infection. Rosemary oil is easily available in the market and is a very useful home remedy for herpes. 

4. Garlic


According to a few early researches, it has been shown that garlic contains antiviral properties against both strains of herpes. You can grind a couple of fresh raw cloves of garlic and mix it with olive oil to dilute. You can apply this paste on your cold sore atleast two to three times a day. Garlic contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting infections, including herpes. Fresh garlic has active compounds such as allicin and ajoene present in it, that can be helpful for such infections. You can even mix garlic paste with rosemary or clove essential oil for more effective treatment for herpes.

5. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is mostly found in capsule form, but lemon balm is also an extract. It can be taken alone, be applied or can be added to a herbal tea as well. As per some studies, this topical natural ointment can help in healing cold sores. Applying lemon balm cream can treat redness and inflammation within 1-2 days. Known for its calming and soothing properties, many studies have also found that lemon balm not only helps to relieve anxiety, but can also put you in a good mood and reduce stress. As per a lot of researches, lemon balm can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, that triggers herpes. Lemon balm is used as a short term treatment but should only be applied after talking to the doctor.

6. Cool or warm compression

Cold or warm compression is an effective natural remedy to treat the symptoms of herpes. Applying heat can be helpful even if the sore has not developed completely. If a sore has already formed, warm compression can help in reducing the pain and inflammation. You can make a dry warm compress by filling a soft cloth with rice and heating it for a minute in the microwave. You can also use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Apply an ice pack or a clean, soft washcloth filled with ice on the sore affected area. You can even take frozen peas in a soft piece of cloth. You can use these compressions on the sores after every few hours.

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7. Petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a known home remedy for treating cold sores. Oral herpes can be prevented and healed using this gel. It can ease the discomfort, irritation and prevent cracking. You can even apply petroleum jelly on genital herpes to to ease the discomfort while urinating. Petroleum jelly can be easily found in stores and online as well. Along with all these effective natural remedies, you should also take protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and zinc rich foods in your diet.

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Therefore, herpes results from infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It causes sores or blisters to form in or around the mouth or genitals, as well as other symptoms. You may have itchy and painful blisters that come and go from time to time. You can try the above listed natural remedies at home only after consulting the doctor. It is important to get herpes diagnosed on time if you are experiencing any symptoms of this infection. Herpes can easily spread through skin to skin contact, especially through kissing and vaginal sex, and there are no specific root causes of herpes. So, a person suffering from herpes needs to be aware of its spread.

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