The Belly Reduction Viral Dance Trend Seriously Effective? Let’s find Out

Tik tok weight loss dance video has gone viral and netizens are obsessing over it. Read on to know more about it. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jul 19, 2021Updated at: Jul 20, 2021
The Belly Reduction Viral Dance Trend Seriously Effective? Let’s find Out

There are many weight loss trends that come and go from time to time. And, internet can play a major role in influencing people to adopt different ways. When it comes to health and fitness, there are several diet advices and workouts available on social media that one can follow easily. However, sometimes it can be difficult to trust the effectiveness of such online weight loss trends. Currently, another Tik tok weight loss dance video has gone viral and netizens can't stop obsessing over it. 

Losing belly fat requires a combination of both less calorie intake and physical exercise. And, it is also important to perform all the exercises under professional guidance along side considering many other factors like sleep, water and nutrition. Moreover, the public should take expert advice before trying any social media trends related to health and fitness. There are a lot of exercises and diets that promise quick results, but make sure to do a thorough research before trying Tik Tok fitness tips. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Fitness expert Ashwani balhara, Certified personal trainer from American council of exercise, to know about the effectiveness of the Tiktok viral weight loss dance video from an expert. 

What is this popular weight loss dance?

A tiktok user popularized the weight loss dance trend, which looks like more of a fun exercise. The user has more than 3 million followers and is gaining popularity with such clips. There are many videos uploaded on his profile, that claim to become a contribution towards weight or inch loss. Interestingly, all the videos surely said, "As long as you enjoy the skinny come together," accompanied with hashtags such as #exercise and #fit.

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It is an intense abdominal exercise video that started trending and circulating across social media through Tiktok. The main motive is to wave your chest and buttocks forward and then backward very quickly. Alongside, keep twisting, concluding in the form of a dance which focuses on building the ab muscles and this claims to reduce belly fat and result in a very slim waist. Many people started obsessing over this ab workout and practiced it everyday for belly reduction and muscle buildup. This user's posts have a strong engagement in the comments, likes and shares. 

Is this abdominal exercise effective?

belly fat

Many experts believe that it is not as effective as it seems. This video is also being considered as another myth which is not helpful in providing a flat stomach. This dance video might be useful in weight loss, but not for belly fat spot reduction. According to fitness expert Ashwani, fat reduction only happens when you burn it with intense workout. Doing this movement while standing does not help much. Spot reduction does not happen, but it depends on the fat storage of a person. This weight loss video is another internet myth as per our expert. 

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