Vastu For Kitchen: Food Cooked In The Wrong Direction Can Harm Your Family's Health

If you have someone falling ill several times in your family, then restructure your kitchen as per Vastu

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Sep 13, 2019 15:16 IST
Vastu For Kitchen: Food Cooked In The Wrong Direction Can Harm Your Family's Health

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Your health depends on the kitchen of your house. It is said that if you cook with pure thoughts and love, the same reflects in the food. However, despite taking several precautions, there are times when your family's health is always in danger. Be it infections or any diseases, apart from maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen, it is also essential to make that part of your house Vastu-complaint. Vastu Shastra is an important aspect to consider while buying or decorating any house. There exist several theories that vastu helps bring in harmony, good health and luck in the family. 

According to Vastu Shastra, if the Vastu of the kitchen is not appropriate, it can cause several health problems in the house. Let us tell you, which kitchen-related mistakes can cause problems to your family's health and ways to make your kitchen complaint with Vastu.

Never Cook In This Direction

According to Vastu, food should never be cooked while facing the west and north, because facing towards the west while cooking can lead to skin and joint-related problems. On the other side, there can be several money-related issues because of this as the north direction is considered to be the position of Kubera, the God of wealth. With the flame of the stove burning in the northern direction, it signifies the burning of the wealth of the family. Cook in the south-east direction. Food prepared in this direction is not only nutritious. Besides, it also reduces bacterial growth.

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Placement of Water

Everyone uses a water purifier owing to the need of having clean water. While planning this, always keep the water system in the north-east direction. If you have kitchen shelves in this direction in the kitchen, place the tap of freshwater at least half an inch lower than that.

Place Stove Towards The East

The right direction of cooking as per Vastu is in the east as the positive energy coming from that side makes food rich with prosperity. Whereas, according to scientific reasons, the sun comes out from the east. In such a situation, the first light of the sun comes in the kitchen. This phenomena is required to destroy germs and bacteria present in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen window should always be towards the east, and the stove should be placed right ahead of the window. By doing so, all smoke emanated while cooking is directed towards the window in the open.

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Colour Of The Kitchen

Most of the houses have black slabs in the kitchen. But as per Vastu, this is a big no-no. Instead, the colour of the slab should be in colours, namely cream and silver. This also ensures to keep a check on dirt getting accumulated on the slabs, which is challenging to be done in darker colours. Apart from the slabs, the walls should be light colours, including pink, which signifies fire and passion. Never go for brown, black or grey kitchen walls.

Wash Dishes Before Sleeping

Leaving dirty utensils in the kitchen overnight can be a significant health hazard for the family members. According to Vastu, utensils should always be washed at night and kept inverted as it brings peace and tranquillity in the house. Also, for health reasons, leaving behind dirty utensils means calling for more germs and bacteria in the kitchen area. Also, in most cases, food accumulated on the plate overnight is difficult to wash and can be harmful to health if not cleaned properly.

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