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Dec 01, 2012

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Health experts have warned that over-exercising is likely to cause heart damage instead of adding more years to one’s life. They added that fitness freaks by exercising intensely for more than an hour or more exert their heart and expose to early damage by causing its tissues to stretch, tear and scar, thereby causing changes in heart rhythm.


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A study published in the journal Heart advices those who want to exercise to do so for only about 30 to 50 minutes. The doctors say that moderate physical activity adds more years to one’s life. The Daily Mail reported that marathons should be something done occasionally or once in a lifetime.


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Two other studies that were done and presented at a medical conference said that similar to how everything is good for the body when taken in moderation, even exercise should be done in moderation. When the study was closely analysed, it was found that benefits were limited to those who ran eight and 32 kms per week.

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