Homework Doesn’t Really Help

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Dec 01, 2012

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Homework Doesnt Really Help

Finally the burden of teenage life has chances of reducing by ten folds, after a new study shows that homework assignments do not really mean that you have chances of getting better marks or grades.

Researchers working on this study that looked at what difference this extra work at home make, took transcripts and data of more than 18,000 tenth grade students. They found that what children do everyday across doesn’t necessarily help them to get more grades, however it may help them achieve better standardised test scores, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.  Co-author of the study Robert Tai, said. “The more time students spend on homework, it’s not clear that they are getting better grades or better test scores,”

Mr. Tia also reported that the revelation of this study is pretty worrying as it suggested that the studies done in classroom is not materialised in the given homework, rather the home works are random assignments given just to keep the rule going. He also added, “The study isn’t suggesting all homework is bad, especially when it comes to math, when it comes to math, what we found is that there is a bit of a sweet spot.”


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