Navratri 2020: All You Need To Know About Juice Fasting and Its Benefits

Juice fasting acts as a natural cleansing process of the body that also helps to detoxify your body and has various other health benefits

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Mar 27, 2020 11:43 IST
Navratri 2020: All You Need To Know About Juice Fasting and Its Benefits

Juice fasting is something very popular during Navratri. It is a time when you drink juices and other liquids like tea. This also refers to juice cleansing with lots of nutrients. The process of juicing is done by extracting the juices from whole fruits and vegetables. Pure juice has most of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables. This could healthily help in weight loss during the Navratri season. The nine-day long celebrations take place with prayers and fasting. This is an excellent time to get your hands on refreshing homemade fruit drinks. There can be various reasons to juice fast this Navratri:

  • Consuming juice rejuvenates the immune system.
  • The body begins to deplete glycogen stores in a fasted state, and this promotes healing throughout the body.
  • This helps in signalling the body to rid itself of damaged cells and produce new ones.
  • Improves the gut microbiome

It is essential to have a diverse microbiome and overall healthy gut. A study proved that a three-day fruit juice-based diet led to significant improvements in the gut microbiome, due to the fibres found in juices.


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Detoxifies Your body

Juice fasting can support detoxification by providing antioxidants and nutrients. The digestive system takes a break when you fast by consuming only juice. Your body focuses its attention on removing stored toxins instead of metabolizing food. The antioxidants property helps fight free radical damage in your body. Also, it provides the body with nutrition that is absorbed. Juicing helps in eliminating most of the fibre from fruits, which allows for quicker absorption of nutrients. Many people agree that they can consume more fruits in juice form.

Aids Weight loss

This is an easy and fast way to lose weight. The weight loss from juicing happens due to the restrictions in calories and loss of water or inflammation weight. Keep in mind that drinking them may be rich in vitamins and minerals, but it lacks protein. You can have food like sabudana, samak, makhana, kuttu, and fruits for fasting. You need to build and maintain muscle. Do not smoke, drink or consume drugs while on juice fasting. Vegetable juice convocations must be the major component of diet during juice fasting. Vegetables such as carrot give you essential vitamins as well as taste.


CAUTION: Make sure to consume the juice immediately after preparing as they can grow bacteria in a short period if left.

Navratri Special Recipes


This is made up of 90% water and mint leaves give an instantly refreshing and cooling effect on our body. Therefore it makes a perfect summer drink.


  • Cut the watermelon and remove the seeds
  • Extract out the pulp and add mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, black pepper, and rock salt.
  • Add lemon juice and blend it well


You need only three ingredients- chikoo, milk, and sugar. This is an easy way to keep your tummy full.


  • Remove the outer layer and chop the chikoo to remove the black seeds
  • Blend the milk and sugar


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The nutrition in papaya and muskmelon makes it unique. Muskmelons provide energy to the body


  • Chop half muskmelon and half papaya
  • Blend it by adding one teaspoon of lemon juice till a smooth texture is attained.

Vegetable juices: Spinach, celery, cabbage, carrot, radish, and green beet juices can be taken during the juice fast. Wheatgrass is not allowed during Navratri fasting so avoid it while juice fasting.

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