Vacations and travel:A fun way to live long

Not taking your vacations or holidays from work could pose some serious heart related risks. Travel groundwork is crucial. Time you plan your holiday today!

Suhail Sattar
Travel HealthWritten by: Suhail SattarPublished at: Aug 21, 2015Updated at: Aug 21, 2015
Vacations and travel:A fun way to live long

Forget whatever excuses you've for not using your treasured holidays at work, it’s about time you kick off on a stress busting tour or a mini vacation.

vacations and travel

Research shows that regular trips could possibly increase longevity of your life by preventing some serious heart related problems. People who take at least one vacation to tour and travel in a year are 30% less likely to suffer from heart problems, in comparison with men who lay their noses in the grindstone and worked with little or almost no rest.


Holiday - A perfect therapy for your heart

Researchers suspect that people who frequently take vacations have a better heart health, because taking time off once in a while contributed immensely to reducing stress and pressure. A tranquility travel vacation also allows one to reconnect with family and friends that further contributes to channel some positive vibes around you.


Tips for staying healthy while travelling

•    Before you leave for your fun-filled holiday, remember to stock up some healthy snacks and breakfast items that include yogurt, fruits and salad.

•    You can also pack in some fitness tools like rubber resistance bands to flex during your long trips and can also elongate your fitness with long walks to explore your travel destination.

•    If you are a regular consumer of vitamins and other healthy supplements, don’t forget to add the stack in your luggage or hand bag.

Keep in mind that even short weekends away or a one night trip can be refreshing and restorative. The bottom line is to start relaxing more by employing some stress-reduction strategies, such as meditation, deep breathing and some positive visualization.


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